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Spike bolts for Harley and metric windshields.

Spike Bolts for Harley Windshield

Product #: IMA-00-SPWB
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Dress up your windshields with these spike bolt kits. Matches our other spike bolt cap products.

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Spike Bolts for Harley Windshield

These decorative all metal nickel & chrome plated SPIKE bolts give your Harley Windshield brackets real ATTITUDE.  

We have 3 different style spikes to choose from and are sold in sets of 5 bolts for just the upper cross bar or 9 bolts to replace all of the windshield bracket bolts. 

 (click on thumbnail photo to view all 3 style spike bolts)

TALL SPIKE BOLTS -  These nickel plated spikes bolts stand 1 -1/4 inches high and the spike heads are 3/4 inch in diameter their base.  These match our other spike bolt cap products. 

LOW PROFILE SPIKE BOLTS - These nickel plated spike bolts stand 3/4 of an inch high and are 3/4 of an inch in diameter at the base.  (The spike heads are indentical to our spike bolt cap products minus the 1/2 inch pedestal).

HEX BOTTOM SPIKE BOLTS - These chrome plated spike bolts stand 1 inch high and have a hex bottom.  These match our spike license frames and spike valve stem caps.

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UPC Code: 111111111111

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