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Our manufactureres can gain exposure on our system for free by registering as a vendor and uploading their products into our system.

Why don't we sell advertising to our manufacturers? Well it is simple. We're not in the advertising business! We rather help our manufacturers gain exposure through free mentoring, the news media, grassroots PR, bootstrapped product exposure and word of mouth. We'd prefer to have our manufacturers spend their money on inventory rather than advertising. We're a news producer and generator that also happens to be a product distributor... We're not an advertising based company

Simply put.... We're a logic based company. We understand the power of real product news and how it is both spread and received in todays society and in the markets we serve. We help produce and distribute product news so more exposure is generated. Thus more sales through our and the manufacturers distribution! What we refer to this as "Business Building Based On Logic"! Our trademarked mantra.....

If you are a service provider and feel you have a product or service that can aid our manufacturers we are willing to consider doing a news story about you. But we have very high expectations that your product or service will truly be of benefit to our manufacturers.

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