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Referral Tips

Below Are Some
Helpful Tips For
Products To

1. Browse the SampleRewards site and find a product you would like to refer. 

2. Select the "Get This Product For Free" big green button. Clicking the "Get This Product For Free" link will take you to a form that you can fill in with your contact info and the contact information for the retailer to which you want to make a referral. Don't worry as we NEVER allow your information to be shared with anyone...

3. Make the referral providing the retailer's name, address, phone and email or web address. We will contact them to provide product and wholesale price information.

4. Once the retailer orders (minimum quantity of 12 units required) from us we will contact you and send your free product or products if your are reerring more than one item.

It often helps if you make an additional inquiry to the retailer to ask if they are carrying the product you referred. We recommend checking with the referred retailer after a couple of weeks to see if they are stocking the product or products. If not, ask them if they plan to stock the product and if so, when they expect to have them in stock.

You can refer as many retailers as you want as this could increase your opportunity to get more free items and cash.

Below are some additional helpful tips on making referrals:

Make sure the retailer carries or specializes in products which match the same audience as the product you want to refer to them.

It's not required by you but if you want to increase the speed and channce of getting the products fro free you could also make contact with the store owner, manager or appropriate department manager after making a referral.

It also helps to make the referral in person if you can. That is by no means required but making referrals in person greatly increases the chance of a retailer ordering. You can download product brochures / specification sheets for any product by clicking the "Get Product Sheets" link on each item page.

Provide as much information on the product you are referring as possible.

When contacting large chain stores such as Ace Hardware, True Value, Lowe's, Home Depot, local mom and pop's etc. it is best to locate the store manager. Please keep in mind this level of referral is usually very difficult as larger chain stores order through corporate buying offices which are very difficult to contact. However, it is possible to penetrate these stores. Working your way to the higher level employees is a great way to get through.

The efforts you make are a huge help to small brand owners and small retailers. There are no limits to the amounts of free products you can get as long as the referred retailers place orders reaching the small minimum order amounts. So feel free to refer as many retailers as many products as you'd like. 

For additional information on SampleRewards.com  E-mail us as we are happy to help you in any way. We're here for you just as we are here for small brands and small retailers. 

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