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MITER DIVIDER Miter Measurement Tool

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Mill Creek WA -- October 17, 2007
It looks like one of the simplest things we do in the shop, but the lack of accuracy in miter cuts can be extremely frustrating to anyone trying to do great work. Arnott Tools, Inc. has now come up with a simple, inexpensive solution. The Miter Divider™ accurately divides any angle in half, and transfers the results to the miter saw for perfect cuts every time. Installing base, case and crown moldings has never been easier, and the Miter Divider even simplifies stave construction for turners.

The Miter Divider requires NO MATH! You don't even have to write down a single measurement or angle. Simply place it on an inside or outside corner and then use a piece of scrap plywood to record the angle. Then put the Miter Divider's built-in genius to work. Place a pencil in the holes in its short arms and draw a couple of arcs. When you line up the intersections, you have a perfect miter every time.
Here's how it works...

1. Place the Miter Divider against an outside or inside corner to record the angle.
2. Use the supplied pencil to transfer the angle to some scrap.
3. Use the pencil to draw a couple of intersecting arcs by running it in the hole in each of two short metal pivoting arms.
4. Use the edge of the Miter Divider to draw a line that connects the intersection of the arcs to the intersection of the straight lines that represent the corner of the wall or cabinet.
5. Use this line to set the angle on your miter saw and you're done!

The Miter Divider is a must-have tool for anybody installing trim or architectural elements such as doors or windows, or shops building cabinet doors, picture or mirror frames. It's perfect for deck and tile layouts, stave construction (for posts and vessels), and for hardwood flooring and countertop installers, among others.
Inexpensive and accurate, the simple-to-use Miter Divider reduces mistakes, closes those ugly gaps in mitered moldings, and ultimately saves both time and material.

The Miter Divider™ has a MSRP of just $19.99 and is available from the company's Web site or from Woodcraft® and other fine retailers.


John Arnott
PMB 636
Phone (425) 337-9437

Toll Free: (800) 798 -1499

Email: [email protected]
Web: http://www.miterdivider.com

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