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Contact: Billy Carmen, CEO
December 2, 2005

On the heels of the very successful Safety Specs Bifocal Safety Glasses, Wizard Industries
announces the new Sport Specs Bifocal Safety Glasses, available now
Van Nuys, California: On the heels of success of the Shop Specs and Sport Specs, Wizard Industries has announced the first shipments of the Versa Specs. Targeted at scientists, engineers, plant, construction, manufacturing and shop workers, the Versa Specs are ANSI compliant safety glasses with five different interchangeable lenses including lenses with built-in bifocal reading segments.
OSHA requires laboratories, factories, industrial plants, assembly, engineering companies, contractors and other professions across the U.S. to provide safety glasses for their employees. This requirement can be rather inconvenient for many employees who need reading glasses to view plans, tinted lenses for outdoors.
"We know they will help reduce eye injuries and workers compensation claims," said Billy Carmen, CEO of Wizard Industries, "because employees will want to wear them. The new Versa Specs simply make it convenient for employees who use varied types of safety glasses lenses to comply with workplace safety regulations."
It is estimated that between 20% and 35% of all eye injuries occur on the job. "It's probably not higher than that because of OSHA requirements for eye protection," commented Carmen. Wizard's new Versa Specs Multi-Lens safety glasses will ensure that the millions of lab workers, contractors, service professionals, mechanics, engineers, plant and shop workers can have excellent eye protection and improved close-up or tinted vision needs in one comfortable, stylish piece of eyewear.
Wizard Versa Specs feature an assortment of polycarbonate lens with integrated side shields, drastically improving eye coverage over normal reading glasses. The glasses provide excellent protection from both the front and side while offering the easy ability to change between clear, yellow, gray, and bifocals, and a special pair of prescription insert lenses.
The special interchangeable bifocal lenses are optically clear when looking straight ahead. When looking down they provide correction through the integrated 28mm flat top bifocal segment. . They are available in +1.0, +1.5, +2.0, +2.5, and +3.0 diopter strengths. The lenses also provide 99.9% UV protection up to 380 nm, and are scratch resistant. Both length and angle of the ear stems are adjustable, ensuring a perfect, comfortable fit.
The variety of non-bifocal polycarbonate lenses come in clear, yellow, gray are designed with integrated side shields. Their ability to be quickly swapped provide the user with a huge cost savings since safety glasses are an expendable item and are regularly disposed of when the lenses get scratched. The ability to simply replace the lenses in the Versa Specs frames provides a more cost-efficient method of utilizing safety glasses.
"The millions of safety glasses wearers can breathe a sigh of relief from the cost savings of the Versa Specs," remarked Carmen.
The Wizard Versa Specs will begin shipping in December, and will be available nationwide through dealers and at http://ShopSpecs.com . An economical MSRP is $19.95 and replacement packs of six lenses (two sets each of gray, yellow, and clear) starting at $1.49 with wholesale prices available for quantity buyers and dealers.
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