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Handi Hanger Recycled Trash Bag Holder By HandiHanger

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"Saving Our Environment And Saving Money Too!"

Alpharetta, Georgia - The manufacturer of the "HandiHanger - a money saving device that makes the recycled use of shopping bags a snap - have signed with Wizard Industries’ patent-pending "grass-roots" distribution system - SampleRewards.Com - to put the "HandiHanger" in retail stores nationwide.

Recycling is one of the best things people can do. It not only helps our environment, it also saves money. Of course, "recycling" doesn’t just mean reducing a product to its molecular basics then
prefabricating the materials. To recycle also means finding new uses for a product... and that is especially good when the new use replaces wasteful and needless expense.

Perhaps the most recycled item in everyday use is the plastic shopping bags from the grocery store.

Most families recycle the bags by using them as small trash receptacles.

They work great in that secondary use. But they have to be held open and secured somewhere convenient. Many people tie them to a kitchen cabinet handle and take their chances holding the bags open while they dispose of garbage with the other... a tricky and often messy business.

Now an inexpensive invention called the "HandiHanger" has come along that makes using plastic shopping bags as trash containers so easy it’s almost elegant. Retailing for only $5.99, the patented "HandiHanger" design holds open the top of any standard plastic shopping bag, making it easy to dispose of garbage and - when mounted behind the large doors below most kitchen sinks - be totally out of sight. No more embarrassing jury-rigged hangers. No more one-handed-garbage-juggling acts liable to make a mess. And no more money wasted on expensive and wasteful trash can liners.

The "HandiHanger" is available now on-line at: www.HandiHanger.com, and will soon be in hardware, home-improvement and discount stores everywhere.

For more information, please log onto: www.SampleRewards.Com/

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