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Picture Hanging – Professional Style
Wizard Industries provides "artwork hanging 101" to keep pictures safe and secure
When it comes to hanging artwork, the end result could either be a work of art or a wall full of unnecessary nail holes. In an effort to help individuals avoid uncertainty and second guessing, Billy Carmen, CEO of Wizard Industries, offers "artwork hanging 101."

            "Decorating is supposed to be a fun initiative, so following simple guidelines will ensure your wall looks its best," Carmen said. 

            Carmen offers the following tips on artwork hanging:
·        When hanging a picture above a piece of furniture, the frame should not be wider than the furniture. If the frame is narrower, it should be at least half the length of the furniture.
·        Artwork should be spaced no further than eight inches apart and no closer than three inches.
·        Don't hang a picture too far from the furniture below it or else it will no longer relate.
·        If you are hanging a picture above a table that will have items on it, such as a small sculpture or vase, make sure that the picture will not be blocked completely by these items.
·        When hanging multiple pictures, make sure the frames either coordinate or complement each other. A simple black frame will look out of place next to a chunky ornate gold frame.
·        Smaller pictures look best when hung in a group. Hang same-sized pictures in an ordered layout or mix them around with other artwork of different sizes.
·        Pieces of artwork should be reinforced with security hooks or hangers to ensure the piece from falling.
·        Cutting paper to the sizes of your artwork and taping it to the wall will allow you to see what it would look like before putting holes in the wall.
To help decorators – whether amateur or expert – Wizard Industries offers the Security Picture Hooks to ensure the safety of your artwork. The out-of-sight hangers allow minimal movement of the picture and are suitable for hard wall surfaces.

            "There are tons of products and devices that can help you hang artwork – from hooks and safety devices to studs and levels. Those items are often overlooked, though play a critical role in hanging artwork," said Carmen.
For more information on "artwork hanging 101" or Wizard Industries, please contact Billy Carmen at (866) 781-8033 or [email protected].
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