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Earthquake Safety Picture Hooks

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Wizard Industries provides advice on securing wall contents to reduce the risk of injury and damage
You can't foresee an earthquake or escape from its wrath; you can, however, reduce the risk of injury and damage to your home by securing wall hangings now before it's too late.

According to daretoprepare.org, an earthquake readiness campaign, the ground swells and rolls of major earthquakes easily can knock heavy pictures and mirrors off the walls. This can be especially dangerous in the night if these unsecured items are located close to a bed, a child's crib, or during the day if they are located close to a chair or sofa. Cut feet from broken framing glass and mirrors is one of the most common injuries resulting from major earthquakes. Securing pictures helps prevent this common injury.

"Mirrors, framed pictures, and other objects should be hung with safety hooks or hangers so that they can’t bounce off the walls. Only soft art such as tapestries should be placed over beds or sofas, and smaller hooks are appropriate for security," said Billy Carmen, CEO of Wizard Industries and distributor of Safe Hold Picture Lok, a safety and security hanger designed for wall hangings. "Besides avoiding damage to your home in the event of an earthquake, the of Safe Hold Picture Lok is a preventative measure for the safety of your family."

According to Carmen, security hangers such as of Safe Hold Picture Lok can be easily installed and fitted for all your hanging wall items. In order to ensure maximum benefit from of Safe Hold Picture Lok®, please follow the following fitting instructions carefully.

1.      Fix of Safe Hold Picture Lok to wall with a hammer using the hardened steel pins provided.
2.      For heavy pictures or extremely hard surfaces, Carmen suggests using appropriate 4mm screws instead of pins (separate holes are provided for screws). Insure that wall is of sufficient strength and condition to hold hook and picture.
3.      Hang picture cord onto the hook in the normal manner and straighten.
4.      From above and behind the picture frame, screw down the locking screw until the cord is trapped in position, thus reducing unwanted movement and theft (do not over tighten).
5.      Carmen suggests one of Safe Hold Picture Lok for every 0.6m (24") width of frame (e.g., for large paintings: 1.2m (48")+, use 2 Picture Loks -- one on the left and one on the right).
"With the most recent earthquake in California, it's important that residents in earthquake country know what they can do to prepare their home and lower the risk of injury and damage," Carmen said.

For more information on of Safe Hold Picture Lok or Wizard Industries, please contact Billy Carmen at (866) 781-8033 or [email protected].
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