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pot lid spoon rest - The Lid Caddy

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Earthdoor, Inc. of Monroe New York introduces unique, new housewares product to US market. Monroe, NY, January 04, 2007 --(national release)-- Earthdoor, Inc, located at 6 Lake street, Monroe, NY has introduced a unique new product for the housewares industry. The one of a kind cooking tool called "The Lid Caddy" replaces the everyday spoon rest with the added ability to hold that hot, dripping pot or pan lid while you cook. This product holds virtually any lid or cooking utensil regardless of its size or shape. Its patented design catches dripping grease and actually reduces cross contamination of the microorganisms that grow on the stagnant fluids found in the common spoon rest by holding the lid and utensil above the trapped residue. The product is made in a high gloss porcelain finish and is 100% dishwasher safe. The Lid Caddy has been tested to hold over 5 times its weight and size and holds multiple lid utensil combinations including two lids at once. "We've sold over 3500 units during the products test market and are now ready to move into the retail arena," states Daniel Qualiano, Earthdoor’s founder and inventor of The Lid Caddy. "The product is truly unique and will outperform anything even remotely in its class. The Lid Caddy is only available online at this time but Mr. Qualiano hopes to see it in stores across America in the very near future. "Once you begin using The Lid Caddy, you come to rely on it every time you cook," adds Qualiano "You'll wonder how you ever cooked without it!" Return to Product