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repairs broken damaged or stripped plastic electric wall boxes,G-Clip 10 Pack

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Contact: Mike Walton [email protected] Walton Electric 2830 Bristol Road Warrington, PA 18976-1408 Phone 215-343-9577 Fax 215-343-7020 PRESS RELEASE: G - Clip “This Product will become a staple in the Residential Electrical Contracting Industry”, says inventor / owner Mike Walton of Walton Electric. Warrington, PA. July 25, 2009: Nationwide, there are over 41 million homes with plastic electrical boxes installed.* • This represents a market potential of over One Billion plastic boxes in use. • Replacement of damaged, broken, plastic electrical boxes can be costly and time consuming. • Discarded, replaced PVC electric wall boxes burden our existing landfills. “Electricians and Homeowners alike, know a good deal when they see it”, says Mr. Walton. I have serviced Electrical Systems in Homes for over 30 years and fully understand the pitfalls represented by trying to remove and replace an existing Plastic wall box in a finished / decorated wall. The low cost of the “G” Clip (about the same as a replacement plastic box) will be more than offset by the savings in time and effort and the avoidance of potential wall damage and decrease in additional Landfill requirements. The G-Clip is proudly made in the USA and is RoHS compliant. The G-Clip is distributed by Wizard Industry Inc, their item # 003173 * Statistics based on the 1990 US Census and Annual Housing Starts END Return to Product