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Bedroom Door Lock by U Double Lock Bedroom Bolt

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Locking Bedroom Doors Is Now Easier and More Secure

The New U Double Lock™ Is Deadbolt Strong and

Installed in Under Three Minutes


GARDEN GROVE, CA (October 01, 2013) – Created to improve the security of bedroom doors with easy installation, Dandee Industries of Garden Grove, California has released the U Double Lock. Designed for durability and ease-of-use, the U Double Lock is deadbolt strong and requires nothing more than a screwdriver to install. Significantly stronger than regular knob locks, it only takes seconds to engage and provides greater confidence. Able to fit most inward opening doors with knobs or levers, this patented product will give women, roommates and anyone needing additional in-home security a sure way to gain peace of mind.


Bedroom doors are not particularly safe. They often don’t have locks at all. If they do, the locks can be easily compromised. To date, the solution for those who want greater security is a deadbolt. But they can be difficult to install, requiring special tools and new holes drilled in the door and frame. The U Double Lock solves this problem with a uniquely designed system that only requires replacing the striker plate. This can be done with a simple screwdriver in less than three minutes.


Initially called the Granny Lock because of its ease of installation, the U Double Lock uses a ¼ inch, brass-plated steel piece that goes around the doorknob shank – the strongest part of the door - to provide far greater strength than standard hooks and latches. Manufactured with round edges, it is easily engaged, even in the dark.


While security is becoming ever more important, even within the house or office, the U Double Lock makes it easy and affordable for many types of people. Roommates, women, college students and seniors will appreciate its ability to secure valuables, provide personal safety, and ensure privacy.


“I knew that bedroom doors needed a security improvement that was so easy to install, a grandma could do it,” said Dan Hale, inventor of the product. “Now I see customers using it to secure many other doors throughout the home- including the front, back, patio, and garage doors.”


The U Double Lock carries a MSRP of $15.00 for a bonus double pack [2 locks] and is available at www.Amazon.com, www.WizardDistribution.com, and www.SmallBrandNation.com. Product information is also available at www.udoublelock.com. Contact Jeff Hale by email at [email protected], or call (888) 625-1955 for more information.



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