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Rafter Finder Rafter Locator

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This new device is an excellent tool for use with any type of roof attachment requiring the need for accurate location of structural rafters, such as solar panels, skylights, and air conditioning, etc.  The Rafter Finder can also be used to accurately locate studs in walls for securely installing earthquake kits, or mounting hooks for hanging heavy pictures or mirrors.

Santa Rosa, CA- Locating underlying roof rafters is a significant problem facing many professional and do-it yourself installers. A handy, inexpensive and simple device is now available which doesn’t rely on electronics or batteries. It has been developed by Concise Designs, Inc., a Solar Mounting Hardware company in Santa Rosa, California.


Experienced installers of solar panels, skylights, tubelights, and attic vents have used a number of methods to locate rafters. While direct observation from the overhang of the roof or inside the attic crawl space is often advisable to see the basic structural layout, it is difficult to translate this observation while on the roof. Some installers use fairly expensive electronic devices such as high density stud finders, but this often requires the removal of some shingles to get an accurate reading. To add to the problem, rafters are assumed to be located on nominal 16 or 24 inch centers, but not all rafters are accurately spaced.


How does the Rafter/Stud Finder™ work?

The patented Rafter/Stud Finder pinpoints rafter location– providing positive mechanical feedback to locate edge of rafter with an accuracy of +/– 1/16 inch.  The installer taps on the roof with any hard instrument and listens for a solid thud to establish the best estimate for the center location of the rafter.  A 5/32” dia. hole is then drilled roughly 2” left of the estimate.  The indicator flag of the Rafter/Stud Finder is raised and the curved wire sensor is inserted into the small hole. The tip of the wire sensor below the roof is directly below the tip of the indicator lowered flag above. The knob at the top of the Rafter/Stud Finder is rotated until the wire stops at the rafter edge below. The center of the rafter is then marked with 3/4“ tape. Once the Rafter/Stud Finder is removed, the small hole is easily sealed.  Locate first and last hole for Rail with Finder tool, then use tape measure to locate those in between.


Benefits and Advantages:

• Fewer penetrations for precise location of rafters or studs

• Ideal for composition roofing

• Made with stainless steel and aluminum.

• Simple instructions: “Thump once, drill once, insert Rafter/Stud Finder, measure rafter location  and proceed with confidence!” 


To learn more about the Rafter/Stud Finder, contact:

Billy Carmen

[email protected]


Dick Tweedie, CEO, Concise Designs, Inc.

[email protected]



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