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Magnetic Fishing Rod and Gun Rack for Your Car - Sportsman Bumper

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DENVER, CO (November 12, 2014) – Sport Bumper was founded in September of 2011 by Bo Pitto in Vail, CO. Sport Bumper offers four products designed to make getting ready for your next outdoor adventure easier and perfect for the outdoorsman in your life this holiday season. Skiers driving up the hill will need the Ski Bumper, a magnetic rubber guard for the side of the car, a safe place to lean skis/snowboards so they don't fall and scratch the paint. 
The idea of the Ski Bumper came to Bo when he had his friends up to Vail in 2011 for a ski trip: 
“While getting ready to tackle the mountain, all four pairs of skis were leaned against my car. 
Unfortunately, one of my ‘bigger than life’ friends ran into the skis, sending them crashing down the side of my car, leaving horrific scratches and damaging the edges of our skis,” Commented Pitto, Founder of Sport Bumper. 
Not long after, the Sportsman Bumper was created when people started talking to Bo about the Ski Bumper mentioned they could use a similar product for their fishing rods, shotguns and rifles. Bo, having broken a rod tip off in his car door before a day of fishing saw the need and pursued manufacturing of the product. It was launched in November of 2013 with the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $8,000.
Most recently, Sport Bumper came out with a metal bracket called the Bumper Bracket that can be put on anything that's not magnetic and still allow the use of the Sportsman Bumper. Sport Bumper has partnered with another Denver company, Qwickstand, that offers a multipurpose changing matt that is a clean, dry and insulated place you can change into, and out of, your gear. It can also be found on the Sport Bumper website.
“With the high number of outdoor enthusiasts in Colorado, the Ski and Sportsman Bumpers are perfect for the market. The majority of us are weekend warriors, driving up to the mountains on the weekend in our cars and inevitably leaning our gear against the side of it. If you talk to any skier/boarder or hunter/fisherman, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't leaned their gear against the car and seen it fall to the ground, scratching the car and damaging their gear. It's a problem EVERYONE has experienced and my products are the perfect solution,” Added Pitto. 
For more information visit www.sportbumper.com. 


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