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Tool Kaddie Press Release
Contact: Billy Carmen , CEO
June 26, 2003

One of the most important aspects of performing a task is the tool used. One of the most important aspects of a tool is where it is stored. Organized, easily transported tools are paramount to most professionals. The time saved in having tools accessible is as important as the quality of the tools themselves. Almost any professional will attest that while performing a task the accessibility of the tools needed to perform that task is a major factor in both quality of work and efficiency.

The Tool Kaddie is the pinnacle of tool and supplies storage and transportation. Beginning with a durable double wall polyethylene construction, the Tool Kaddie is smartly designed with technicians, installers, mechanics, contractors, emergency workers and everyone else who needs a highly organized and transportable tool storage solution. The Tool Kaddie is designed to hold 16 sq.ft. of tools or equipment. With built in shelves, bins and tool holders this amazingly rouged tool cart is the perfect solution for the meticulous minded mechanic or technician. It's solid main framework sites on a solid steel axle with high impact polyethylene wheels. The Tool Kaddie is lockable for security, very water resistant and easily modified for each user's specific needs and available in a variety of colors. And it's made entirely in the USA.

The Tool Kaddie is a crucial piece of equipment widely used in many industries. Installers, service technicians, mechanics and contractors who have many specialized tools, parts and supplies rave about the quality and versatility of the Tool Kaddie. Providing an organized, lightweight and extremely durable storage and transportation solution, the Tool Kaddie can increase productivity and profits for many types of jobs. Easily pushed, pulled, lifted and carried, the Tool Kaddie is perfect for tossing into the back of a truck, onto a airplane, or wheeled through a building. Its unique design allows the contents to stay positioned while the swing-away top and front access double barn doors allow easy sight and access of contents.

The Tool Kaddie is easily locked for securing valuable tools and supplies. The four-color choices provide easy identification or coordination of company color themes. Customizing the Tool Kaddie with your own attachments such as additional tool holders, drawers, battery chargers, or equipment for special purposes is also very easy. There's no limit to the Tool Kaddie's uses.

The Tool Kaddie is available from Wizard Industries, Inc. Custom manufacturing of specially designed Tool Kaddie's are also available. Custom colors and private label manufacturing is also available for quantities over 1200 units. Call 866-781-8033 or visit http://toolkaddie.com

High resolution images for print are available at: http://toolkaddie.com/productimages.htm

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