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What Is The Science Of Small Brand Nation and What Does It Do For New Products and Brands?
By Billy Carmen

July 24, 2007 US Patent number
Our unique cluster of properties,,, and can be best compared to a vortex. Cartesian philosophy defines vortex as "a rapid rotary movement of cosmic matter about a center, regarded as accounting for the origin or phenomena of bodies or systems of bodies in space."
In other words, a "vortex" is a system of energy where everything spins around a center.
This definition - by analogy - is a good way to define the universe in which inventors, marketing and distribution channels, retailers and consumers coexist for mutual benefit.
As with atoms, protons, neutrons, solar systems and galaxies there must also be a body or energy field holding everything together. Within that field there also must be a myriad of factors to allow the manifestation of positive energy.
We refer to Small Brand Nation as a science and not as a clever marketing ploy or excuse to feed the developers and owners egos, but because SmallBrandNation, like any scientific study, invention or discovery took years of work and conscientious development to produce. In those years of incubation, experimentation and practical testing, the SmallBrandNation system proved beyond any question that it succeeds in its purpose: The SmallBrandNation system took new products and aligned them and their owners with the press and media, distributors and retailer and put those products into the hands of paying consumers.
To break down the SmallBrandNation "chart of elements" let us first point out the typical stages of a product's  "success cycle":
#1 - The creation of the product:  In this stage we are partly bypassing the invention phase of the product since SmallBrandNation does not necessarily have components that directly affect the invention processes. However there are certain invention resources aligned with SmallBrandNation and available to out clients to assist in the creation of a truly marketable product by providing manufacturing services and resources via our parent companies, Wizard Industries and Tohkai Precision.
#2 - The inserting of the product into SmallBrandNation:  Once the product is created in production form, the owner or inventor can register with SmallBrandNation and their products can be put into the system. The process is simple.  It only requires specific information about the product such as the basic descriptions, images, specifications, pricing, press and media assets, current retailer addresses, survey material, reviews, etc.  At SmallBrandNation we call these the "Product Assets".
#3 - The distribution of the "Product assets" through the Internet, the press and marketing channels, retailers and consumers: This distribution begins as soon as the "Product Assets" are loaded into the SmallBrandNation system. Initially the raw data is channeled through interment search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) and simultaneously is distributed to the press through an intense and professional effort by  Product Exposure Services. (a division of  Wizard Industries). Additionally the products sales assets are distributed to retailers via electronic, fax and regular mail. Product samples are also distributed to select retailers and press contacts.
#4 -  Consumer and industry user interaction and participation with the product: This aspect is illustrated by explaining how the consumer or industry user interacts with the product in six basic ways:
A - Once consumer and industry users locate an item - in either the search engines or through the press and media - they have the options  learning about the product by reading its descriptions and viewing its images or watching its videos on-line.
B -  The consumer or industry user can purchase the product on-line at a full retail price, or can locate a retailer through the SmallBrandNation system.
C - Consumer or industry users can also advise product owners of - and help place with -  retailers or dealers who may be a match for the product through the SmallBrandNation system.
D - Consumer or industry users can also participate in on-line surveys and can read and write product reviews, or read articles from press publications or view news/product promotion/education/training videos through the SmallBrandNation system.

E - Retailers and Dealers can access product materials and assets which they can use "free" to enhance sales as well as request product evaluation samples through the SmallBrandNation system.

F - Retailers and Dealers can access product wholesale pricing, specifications, product knowledge, sales and marketing materials and can place wholesale orders through the system.
#5 - The Media Thrust:  Media and press people can also communicate with product owners and developers as well as access freely distributed sales materials,  and also request product evaluation samples through our SmallBrandNation system.
#6 - The Database:  SmallBrandNation compiles a constantly growing database of contacts for consumers, retailers, press and media and manufacturers. This data is used to provide further communications and to form reliant synergies between the four groups.
#7 - Our Product News Production:  Our "Product News Channel" is an online video news channel that highlights and showcases new products and their creators from trade shows, events and in-studio productions.
#8 -  Product Exposure Services:  Our Product Exposure Services, provides several crucial marketing support services including PR development and distribution, packaging design, sales materials development and distribution and video production  along with other professional marketing services.
#9 -  Wizard Industries, Inc. also provides "turn-key" warehousing and fulfillment of products sold and distributed through our SmallBrandNation system.
Those are the basic business elements swirling in our SmallBrandNation vortex... a system complex, valuable & unique enough to have garnered a rare "business method" patent from the United States Government.
In conclusion the science of SmallBrandNation is an extension of the evolution of recent new paradigms  - created primarily by the advent of the Internet - in how products interact with their markets. Over the past decade, thanks to the Internet and Social Media, products have been able to reach more people at more levels helping them live longer and flourish more profitably. In addition more people have been able to introduce new products by virtue of the newly broadened market landscape. SmallBrandNation is a primary engine in creating that landscape and - we believe - is destined be a tremendously positive and valuable extension of this paradigm shift.


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