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 Use the PR services below to help grow your product exposure and brand. 
Note.... We do not charge fees for Trade Show or Event News Videos...

Unlike typical PR companies we are brand owners ourselves and understand the advantages and value for direct contact with product news publications. Our 15 years of experience with building our own brands PR combined with the building of PR for hundreds of other brands has provided us with vital insight to product exposure. We provide our brand owners with far greater PR opportunities due to the way we develop and distribute press releases.

We begin with developing attention getting, engaging and well-written press releases that help inspire publications to cover your product news. We then compile publication contact data and develop strategic scheduling for distribution of your press releases. Further we provide you with all of the contact data for the publications (magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, etc.) and we then mentor you on how to engage with editors directly once the press releases are distributed. This level of engagement between you and the editors builds more opportunities for coverage.

Our two levels of press release development and distribution below can provide you with many more exposure opportunities than the average costly PR service. We are able to provide a lower cost due to the fact that we too are one of your customers since we purchase and stock your products to supply to our customers. This synergy allows us to provide your brand with greater exposure opportunities and media coverage.  In turn this helps you, your customers and us to grow your brand through thorough and mutual efforts.  
KickStarter Product PR - A one month long PR campaign that provides an essential level of product PR with an industry standard press release distributed to the primary print publications, TV, social media and other online media outlets covering your product genres.

Our KickStarter press release development and distribution is the essential step to creating published product exposure in your markets.
KickStarter Product PR 
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Launch Booster Product PR Plus Demo Video - A three month long campaign that provides the same PR services as in the KickStarter service along with over 1000 additional publications. Three full months of distribution provides longer term distribution and larger quantities of publications provides a much higher level of coverage. 

Launch Booster PR 
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. $895

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