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Deck Handrail Post Support


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Wizard Distribution is a Direct To Consumer (DTC) product manufacturing and distribution company located in Holly, MI. 
We serve various niche markets providing products directly to consumers and to small specialized retailers in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK.

Operated by Wizard Industries, Inc., the manufacturer of WizardDistribution® brand of metal detection tools, surgical instrument detection wands, 4x4 Post Supports, PillowStay, bifocal safety glasses, disaster restraint fasteners, woodworking and specialty tools and health and wellness products. Partnered with Amazon.com here

Laser Metal Detector Wand

Laser Metal Detector Wand Precision Powerful Security Wand Metal Detector With Laser Indicator

Our Price: $169.95

Restaraunt Metal Detector

Flatware Metal Detector Prevent lost flatware. Save thousands of dollars a year

Our Price: $149.95

Furniture Tie Down Strap For Wood Studs

Furniture Strap For Wood Studs. Quake Secure seismic harness cable assemblies for furniture and equipment. The best Earthquake Straps. Fully concealed.

Our Price: $9.95


Rafter Finder Rafter Locator

Pinpoint Rafter Location – Rafter/stud finder provides positive mechanical feedback to locate edge of rafters for roofing projects.

Our Price: $14.95

Shooting Bifocal Safety Glasses

Bifocal Safety Glasses for hunting, shooting and target ranges use.

Our Price: $9.95


Needle Detector Little Wizard

The Little Wizard is a precision hand held metal detector, perfect for scanning fabric to locate lost needles and pins.

Our Price: $29.95

Silverware Metal Detector

Silverware Metal Detector Prevent lost flatware. Save thousands of dollars a year

Our Price: $149.95

Quick Release Key Ring Biker Key Ring

Quick Release Stainless Steel Utility Key Ring Clip. Simply twist key ring through it.

Retail Price: $6.95
Our Price: $4.95
You Save $2.00!