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cut'n'stay fresh cuts and preserves pies and cakes for more than one week

cake knife, cake cutter, cut'n'stay fresh

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The perfect cake and pie cutter. Plus the Cut'n'Stay Fresh preserves pies and cakes for more than one week! The must have tool for anyone who loves pies and cakes.

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No   hands  touch  then  cake Great   for   people   with   ARTHRITIC   hands. Limited  effort   and   movement   required. Mums  avoid  the  danger which  may  occur  by  the  use  of  knives, especially  by   children By  leaving.  Cut ‘n’ Stay Fresh   in the  cake  or  pie  the  last  piece  will  be  tender,  moist  and  fresh  as  the  first!

Cut 'n' Stay Fresh is Australian invented and designed, It is very simple to use and unique to the market.
It has been designed for easy operation and cuts into 12, 6 or 4 equal slices.

1) Cut 'n' Stay Fresh is hygenic as hands at no time come in contact with the food, it can cut, slice and preserve.
2) Cut 'n' Stay Fresh offers you economy by keeping the remainder of the cake, pie or quiche fresh, avoiding discarding after a few days.
3) Cut 'n' Stay Fresh cuts in equal slices so mums avoid hassles and arguments from the children trying to get the biggest piece.
4) Cut 'n' Stay Fresh protects you from the dangers of sharp knives, especialy children.
5) Cut 'n' Stay Fresh is easy to use by people with arthritic hands as it needs only a little pressure.
6) Once a pie has been cut and pieces served the filling tends to seep from the cut edges and the pastry and fiiling begin to dry out in a matter of hours because of exposure to air making the pie unappetizing.
With Cut 'n' Stay Fresh you avoid these problems.
7) Useing Cut 'n' Stay Fresh The last piece of the pie will be as moist and tender and delicious as the first piece.
8) Cut 'n' Stay Fresh offers you the advantage of keeping your cake, pie or quiche fresh for more than a week.
9) Cut 'n' Stay Fresh is multi-purpose, You can create an elaborate fruit platter.
Simply cut a cantelope melon half way down with your Cut 'n' Stay Fresh so that it assumes the shape of an open flower
and decorate it,s centre and all around with a selection of friuts .
10) Cut 'n' Stay Fresh is dishwasher safe making it quick and easy to wash and dry.

Cut'n'Stay fresh is a product simple and unique to the market with no know competition, it is well made and designed with ease of operation and cuts up to 12 slices or multiples thereof. It non stick, easy to clean, time and cost saving especially to the commercial user.

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