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soda can cooler, beer can cooler

beer can cooler or cooler accessory the Ice3

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UPC Code: 851043000010
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Better than a cooler Better than an ice pack Better than a water bottle The Ice3 combines 3 recreational needs into one convenient package, its re-usable, which means it's also a green product.

More Information

The Ice³ consists of two halves with an inner cavity to fit around 6 standard aluminum soda pop or beer cans.

The Ice³ provides cold, refreshing drinkable water all weekend as the ice melts.

The versatile Ice³ adapts to keep your beverages cold on those single day outings without the hassle
of freezer packs and ice blocks.

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The Ice 3 beer can cooler or cooler accessory the Ice3
beer can cooler or cooler accessory the Ice3

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UPC Code: 851043000010

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