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UPC Code: 858383910085
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RUNNUR is designed to carry your keys, cell phone, Mp3 player, money, credit cards, business cards, passport, camera, sunglasses, and a bottle of water, in a stylish, comfortable, and convenient way!

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The Runnur is a strap worn across the body from shoulder to hip. It carries all the "essential" items you need to get you through your day. If you don't have enough stuff for a backpack or if the Fanny Pack isn’t quite your style, then the Runnur is for you. Once you start wearing a Runnur, you'll wonder how you ever managed to get around without one.

Product Features

- Loop on top of strap allows you to hang on a wall when not in use
- Carabineer is included to hold keys
- No Slip/Contoured Shoulder Strap
- Foam Core for Comfort
- High Quality Velcro
- Padded Sunglass Holder
- Elastic Bottle Holder
- Rear Reflector


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UPC Code: 858383910085

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