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Avoid Spills With "The Fill Towel"

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Introducing “The Fill Towel” Liquid and Chemical Spills A Concern ? Safely and Cleanly Transfer Liquids

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The Fill Towel was designed as a utility shop towel, for the transference of liquids and chemicals, from one container to another, to avoid spillage on the surrounding area.  It is a soft, absorbent, cut pile, Terry cloth towel with an embroidered hole, to be used with an appropriate sized funnel of your own.

How it works. Insert the small end of your funnel into the hole in the towel, then into the container opening. Spread the towel over the surrounding area, or wrap the towel around the funnel for even better protection. Hold in place with one hand to avoid movement when filling. Pump or pour the liquid through the funnel. Towel can be washed just as any other Terry towel.

The Fill Towel can be used when transferring liquids to and from one machine or container to another; vehicle engines, lawn equipment, industrial & commercial equipment & machinery, lawn and household chemicals, and most any other liquids.
Am-Mar Innovations, Inc. began in 2011 to develop, manufacture and distribute a line of products based on the “The Pour Hole Towel” patented concept. For customizing a Fill Towel or a towel of any material, color, size, or logo, to accommodate a particular machine or spillage issue; for resale, promotion or as a complimentary gift; or to inquire of an investment opportunity, visit: THETANKTOWEL.COM.

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UPC Code: 793573702425

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