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Little Wizard Woodworking Metal Detector

Woodworking Metal Detector Little Wizard II

Precision Handheld Metal Detector For Woodworkers Instantly Locates Metal

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Billy Carmen of Wizard Industries demonstrates the Lumber Wizard and Little Wizard woodworking metal detectors and explains how to properly tune them.

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The LITTLE WIZARD Woodworking Metal Detector

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Precision Metal Detector

Instantly Locates Metal

Pinpoints Metal Instantly

Detects 1/2" - 1.5" deep

Use to locate nails or screws in recycled wood before planing, sawing or routing.

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Watch Norm make a Stepback Cupboard made of recycled wood. He uses Wizard Detectors to protect his blades. Sunday 4/6/2001 at 2:00 PM ET, Stepback Cupboard #1413

"Can't be beat"....
Quotes American Woodworker Magazine

The Most Economical Portable Metal Detector Available

The Little Wizard is a precision hand held metal detector designed especially for woodworkers. Perfect for scanning recycled wood for screws and nails before planing, routing, sanding or sawing, and other forms of metal detection.

The Little Wizard accurately indicates metal buried inside recycled wood by emitting a high pitch beep tone and illuminating an array of LED's. The Little Wizard can pinpoint the exact location of metal. No guessing, extensive physical searching or unnecessary visual searching is needed with the Little Wizard.

The Little Wizard is widely used by woodworkers everywhere.

It's small size and unique detection strength allow it to be used to quickly detect damaging nails, screws and other dangerous metal buried inside of wood. The Little Wizards adjustable sensitivity makes pinpointing easy and accurate. The Little Wizard precisely indicates metal by emitting a high pitch beep tone and illuminating an array of LED's.

There's simply no better economical, portable metal detector made.

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Product Help and Information

Additional Tips For Using the Little Wizard

Wizard Detectors Warranty


The Little Wizard easily detects nails, screws and buried metal objects inside recycled wood. Use the Little Wizard to save valuable planers, saws, sanders and drills.

The Little Wizard can precisely locate studs in walls by detecting the screws which hold the drywall onto the studs. It is also a precision handheld metal detector that can be used for treasure seeking or and pinpointing.

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by a member from Anniston, Alabama USA on Feb 3, 2005

Words can hardly describe the success we experienced with "the little wizzard". We purchased it for the purpose of locating metal studs 2-3 inches behind stucco. We had over 200 feet of canvas awnings to mount. The contractors and subs were amazed as we located stud after stud. Things were going well and then one of my employees dropped "The Wizzard" off a 12ft. ladder. To everyone's amazement she kept on ticking even after taking such a licking. I recommend "The Wizzard" to all contractors. Eugene L. Evans

95 of 179 found the following review helpful:
Review from Online Tool Reviews.com

by a member on Jan 29, 2005

From: http://www.onlinetoolreviews.com/reviews/lumberwizard.htm We all know how expensive good quality blades are to buy these days. Imagine a new $100 circular saw blade or a nice set of 15" planer blades being destroyed by a stray nail or piece of metal buried deep in a piece of recycled hardwood you picked up from a demolition yard or second hand at a garage sale. Such foreign objects hiding in your lumber can easily be missed by the eye, or not seen at all. Search the net and you can find countless stories of such tragedy on forums that will soon change the way you protect your woodworking blades. Of course, the answer to the problem is to own and use a metal detector. They come in all shapes and sizes from security guard types, to your floor stand or fixed models to the long pole seated models you see people on beaches with. Some of these are a little overkill, and rather expensive for most home or enthusiast woodworker's needs. Today we are going to take a look at a light, portable hand held unit from Wizard Detectors called the "Lumber Wizard" and see how well it performs in the common woodworkers workshop! See entire review at: http://www.onlinetoolreviews.com/reviews/lumberwizard.htm

89 of 173 found the following review helpful:
My 19 month old son swallowed two office staples!

by a member on Jan 17, 2005

I had seen your product, the little wizard metal detector in woodworking catalogs, but I'd never had a use for it until my 19 month old son swallowed two office staples. The doctor said to let the pass naturally, however we did have to find them once they came out just to make sure. The first thing I thought of was your product, and sure enough, they identified the diaper with the staples no problem through the diaper and associated organic matter. These things were tiny, so I'm very confident using it to detect metal in salvage lumber prior to planing.

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UPC Code: 721633123255


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