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tape holder, holdex tape ring

tape dispenser and holder HOLDEX Brand Masking Ring

HOLDEX Brand Masking Ring is a hands-free belt loop-mounted, masking tape holder and dispenser for anyone who uses masking tape frequently.

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HOLDEX Brand Masking Ring is a hands-free belt loop-mounted, masking tape holder and dispenser for anyone who uses masking tape frequently.  For example: painting contractors, do-it-yourself painters, and auto body technicians. 

Its one-piece, polished, stainless steel construction conveniently holds and dispenses tape from the belt loop of the user's pants.  HOLDEX Brand Masking Ring eliminates misplaced and dropped tape, a common problem for professional and amateur painters alike.

It makes masking faster and easier and frees up both hands for precise placement of tape. HOLDEX Brand Masking Ring saves time, increases productivity and pays for itself in short order. It slips on and off the users belt loop with ease and is built to last.

· It’s the perfect place to keep tape while working.
· It frees up both hands for fast, easy, and precise masking.
· Its full-proof, one-piece stainless steel construction gives it great durability and reliability. Built to last!
· It holds reserve rolls.
· It always keeps tape handy.
· It eliminates lost and dropped tape.
· It can literally be slipped on & off in seconds. 
· It works with multiple sizes of tape – up to 3 inches.
· Holds hand masker.
· It pays for itself quickly.
· It increases crew productivity.
· It’s safe, as it is free of sharp cutting edges. 
· It’s designed to prevent accidental dislodgement of tape by forces imposed both during the dispending process and when moving about a work site, for example when climbing ladders and scaffolding.
· It works equally well for both right and left-handed persons

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Great For Professional Painters

by a member from Appleton, WI on Mar 1, 2005

As a painting contractor, I was fed up with losing my masking tape on job sites. This product ended that daily annoyance! It also frees up both of my hands for accurate tape placement. It works great with 1” or 2” tape, it’s strong, very reliable and has held up to daily use. And I no longer have to hold tape in my teeth or stuff it in a pocket. Painting contractors, if your crew is frequently losing their tape, they need this product. Time is money and this product saves both.

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UPC Code: 854024000016


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