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SUV Tent Tailgating Shelter Add A Cabana Portable Dressing Room

Add-A-Cabana is an innovative new idea for a partial enclosure that fits over the opened lift gate of an SUV or VAN to create a dressing roo

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With Add-A-Cabana™ you can convert your SUV or VAN into a private changing room, or provide cover while camping, “tailgating” or any number of adventures.

L.A. County Lifeguard/Paramedic Brian Lanich loves his Add A Cabana.
He uses it to change for his duties on the beach.

Add-A-Cabana™ is:

  • Made of strong & durable nylon
  • Lightweight - 3 lbs 7 oz.
  • Compact - 18 ½” by 16”
  • Closed with Velcro strips on the entry flap
  • Packaged in a convenient tote bag w/ Velcro closure
  • Attached with snap buckles to roof rack system
  • Positioned to the sides of vehicle with magnets. Sides are 6 feet tall when mounted.
  • Easy to anchor with stakes or weights using loops at the bottom
  • Able to be held open with Velcro strips
  • Simple to install in less than a minute
  • Available in tan or black

Outdoor enthusiasts of all types will find  a convenient way to add some much needed shade or protection from the sun to their routine this summer with the easy to use, portable Add-A-Cabana™ SUV Tent. The lightweight woven polyester “cabana” fits snuggly on the back end of SUV’s and vans, providing a flexible extension to the vehicle for a wide variety of recreational uses. 

The extended shade area is perfect for campers, sports teams, or beach goers that need a place to escape from the sun for a while, a quick place to change, or even a shaded area to prepare meals. “The Add-A-Cabana™ is perfect for these outdoor activities. We see them along the coastal parks and beaches where campers and beach goers have discovered that they need extra protection from the sun, privacy for changing at the beach, or a place to keep food accessible but out of the sun.” Sports teams are also finding the ADD-A-CABANA™ is a great, fast way to give team members a break from summer’s grueling sun.

The Add-A-Cabana™ SUV Tent has been featured on popular television shows on ESPN and  HGTV”s “I Want That”.  

The portable “cabana” attaches to the roof rack of an SUV or van, and extends full length to the ground.  The unit has fabric-covered magnets that hold it to the side of the car, and privacy is provided by the Velcro strips that keep the flap closed as needed. The Add-A-Cabana™ is designed to work on any SUV, except those with a single, side-opened tailgate. The product is currently available in tan or black.

Add-A-Cabana™ fits most standard size SUV’s and VAN’s with a roof rack system. (Excludes vehicles with single swing door)

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68 of 117 found the following review helpful:
Can’t wait to use it at the beach.

by Jeanne and Bob Woodard from Huntington Beach, California on Feb 17, 2006

“My husband Bob and son Brian set up the Add-A-Cabana™ last night. It was so quick and easy. Can’t wait to use it at the beach.”

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60 of 109 found the following review helpful:
Perfect to use to rest between races

by Marcus and James Mobley from Seal Beach, California on Feb 16, 2006

"We’re heading to the Long Beach Grand Prix this weekend with our Add-A-Cabana™. It will be perfect to use to rest between races and change clothes for the evening fun.”

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59 of 108 found the following review helpful:
much needed privacy

by Stan and Cindy Apple from Los Alamitos, California on Feb 16, 2006

“We took a group of teenage guys and girls camping a few weeks ago. Add-A-Cabana™ provided much needed privacy for changing clothes. Thanks so much.”

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67 of 109 found the following review helpful:
We found it extremely easy to set up

by Mike and Jan Mahony from Malibu, California on Feb 16, 2006

“Thanks so much for sending us the Add-A-Cabana™! We found it extremely easy to set up and the instructions were simple. We’ll be using it at the beach with our grandkids and Jan will be using it out on location for her painting.”

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UPC Code: 183997889101


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