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EZ-Sling Mattress Carrier. Easily move mattresses with ease. Less lifting, straining and hassle. These help prevent back injuries and eliminate "mattress dragging" which tears it handles.

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UPC Code: 783414000216
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More Information

The EZ-Sling™ delivery mattress carrier adjustable mattress & drywall carrier straps

The adjustable EZ-Sling™ makes it easy for two people of different heights to carry and deliver even newer, oversized, pillow-top mattresses and box springs. This easy tool also works excellent for delivery and moving multiple sheets of plywood or drywall.

The right tools for the job make it an easy job!
Difficult to carry items that have a cumbersome shape or size, like plywood and drywall, are also particularly well suited for the EZ-Sling’s delivery capacity; with an easy tight turning radius, maneuvering stairs and corners doing a delivery is a breeze too.
Picking up a mattress with only your hands is strenuous. With The EZ-Sling™ delivery mattress carrier mattress carrier you can get a grip and make it easy to move any size mattress. As far as delivery tools go, The EZ-Sling™ delivery mattress carrier is easy to use. Just lay The EZ-Sling™ delivery mattress carrier on the floor, center your object over the cross straps and lift. Lift with one hand and balance with the other; this makes carrying the object very easy and reduces the possibility of lower back muscle strain.

No more swaying, hard to balance, wobbling hassles when moving a mattress. The EZ-Sling allows two people to easily and safely carry even the largest of mattresses easily.  Makes mattress moving much easier up and down stairs, loading into trucks or simply relocating in a house too.
  • Easily Move Mattresses
  • Carry Mattresses Up and Down Stairs Easily
  • Load Mattresses Into Trucks and Trailers Easily
  • Allows Easier Redecorating By Easily Lifting Mattresses
  • Prevents "mattress dragging" which tears handles 
  • The Best Mattress Moving Tool

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Product Specifications

Product Options:
Sizes: This sling is adjustable enough to carry ANY size mattress
Color(s): Black/Yellow Combo only

Product Dimensions:
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Height: N/A

Package Dimensions:
Height: 1 inch
Weight: .25 Pounds

Shipping Carton:
Carton Length: 24
Carton Width: 16
Carton_Depth: 6
Carton Weight: 17 Pounds
Items Per Container: 60

Other Information:
UPC Code: 783414000216
Packaging Type: Poly bag w/ header card
Power Requirements: N/A
Construction: Nylon
Optional Extras: None needed
Patents: Patent Pending
Standards: N/A


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