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CreteSheet™ Concrete Mixing Sheet Portable Concrete Mixer

Crete Sheet Portable Concrete Mixer

The Cretesheet™ is the only tool required for mixing and pouring concrete and is designed for jobs requiring 1 cubic yard or less and hard to access jobsites

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CreteSheet™   Portable Concrete Mixer... 

The Cretesheet™ is the only tool required for mixing and pouring concrete and is designed for jobs requiring 1 cubic yard or less and hard to access jobsites. It mixes a typical 80 lb. bag of concrete mix in less than 90 seconds and is designed to mix up to 50kgs of material at one time.

The 14oz CreteSheet™ is a durable, contractor grade, UV inhibited polyethylene sheet designed for one or two person use for mixing and pouring concrete. The CreteSheet™ is solidly constructed; four handles have been ultrasonically bonded at each corner ensuring strength and easy grip. The concept of mixing concrete or other dry materials by tumbling the mixture while the weight remains on the ground is extremely efficient.

One or two people can easily use the CreteSheet™, which allows easy transport to and around the jobsite. Whether you are working on a hillside or high-rise, where a bulky wheelbarrow or mixing tub is too cumbersome, the CreteSheet™ allows the unrestricted access that you need.

The CreteSheet™,made in the USA, is the standard tool for the professional contractor. The CreteSheet™ may not be on the cutting edge of technology but its efficiency and and convenience saves time and labor.

Currently sold internationally, the CreteSheet™  is highlighted in numerous national magazines. At the National Hardware Show in May of 2006, the CreteSheet™ received the coveted Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award for design and innovation. In Janurary 2007, the CreteSheet was recipent of the Expert's Choice Award in the Tool Division for the World of Concrete's Most Innovative Product contest.



How It Works

Lay the CreteSheet on the ground next to your work area.

Place your dry cement or materials to be mixed onto the center of the sheet.

Pour the appropriate amount of water or liquid into the mix. Add liquid in 3 or 4 equal amounts to assure correct consistency.
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Raise up the corners using the specially made handles, leaving heavy materials resting on the ground. (When working with a partner it is important to stand close, 2-3' apart)
Alternately lift the handles, tumbling mixture back-and-forth from corner into the center of the sheet.(An 80 lb. bag of concrete should take less than 2 minutes to completely mix.) Then, tilt the CreteSheet and pour into the desired area. No waste! No spills! Exact pour!
Rinse with a hose for quick and easy clean-up or let dry and shake off excess material, store for future projects.

Single Person Use

Mixing solo is not a problem with the CreteSheet portable cement / concrete mixer. Simply tie two handles to something sturdy like the back of your pick-up or a tree or you can even secure a bungee cord approximately 30" off the ground and connect two handles of the CreteSheet in the hooks. Alternate the other handles tumbling the concrete / cement toward the center of the sheet. As the mixture moves forward in the sheet, stop and pull concrete / cement mixture back to center of sheet.
To pour, hold two handles in each hand and tilt the CreteSheet forward

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by Charlie Chance from Houston, Tx on Oct 18, 2010

I have a small construction company and was given a cretesheet at a supply house. With a lot of resevation and this can't work thoughts, I was quickly proven wrong. Mixing concrete was so simple and easy I thought why didn't I think of this. The cretesheet is the only tool my crews use to mix concrete, this has made this doubting thomas a beliver.

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UPC Code: 185424000024


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