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Electrical Outlet Cut Out Tool by Blind Mark

Electrical Outlet Cutout Tool by Blind Mark IntroDeal

This innovative patented drywall / paneling tool saves valuable time and money during the drywall / paneling process. It completely eliminates the need for measuring while easily identifying electrica

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Blind Mark: The Five Easy Steps

Step 1
Place Blind Mark Target, with the arrow pointing up, in Electrical Box. If you have a multiple gang box, install the targets at each end of the box.
Step 2
Rough Install Drywall. Once the Blind Mark Target is installed in the box, cover the box up with the drywall. Position your drywall in the exact location and fasten it top and bottom with drywall screws.
Step 3
With the arrow on the Blind Mark Locator facing up, pass the the Locator across the area in which the Blind Mark Target is Located. The Locator will find the Target and snap in place. Do not force the Locator into position. Hold the sides of the Locator and let it jump to the final position on its own. If the Locator does not look plum, rotate it right or left until it appears plum. Then, take your pencil and mark around the Locator, outlining the box perimeter.
Step 4
Remove the Blind Mark Locator from the drywall. Cut out the drywall using your mark as a guide. If you are using a handsaw, keep in mind that the cut on the side where the stud is must be a shallow cut. A variety of tools (manual or power) can be used to cut the drywall.
Step 5
Remove the drywall cutout and the Blind Mark Target. Finish screwing down the drywall and you are done.

Note: When you are using metal studs, the Blind Mark Target and Locator can be used as a stud finder taking away the frustration of missing a stud during final installation of drywall.

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