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Do you suffer with Erectile Dysfunction? Don’t be satisfied
with mediocre or temporary results. Our All Natural Herbal
Revitalizer Tonic for Men® helps your body reduce Inflammation
and Enlargement of the Prostate while helping to improve your
Performance, Stamina and Longevity. So, try our Herbal
Revitalizer Tonic for Men® TODAY!

Men looking for that ump? Try this All Natural Product which includes: Pygeum,
Burdock Root, Gentian Root, Sarsaparilla Root, Saw Palmetto Berries, Purified
Water, Citric Acid, Natural Potassium Sorbate. Special Formulation.

The Herbal Revitalizer Tonic for Men® increases Fluid Circulation, also Rebuilds
and Re-energies a worn down Prostate while reducing swelling and enlargement as it
provides: Zinc, Vitamin-C, and Essential Fatty Acids. It also can also improve your
sexual performance - NATURALLY.

1 Liter Bottle = 1 Month Supply! 1 Capful a day!!


  Which Tonic should I start with?
  As a rule of thumb, I recommend  that you start with the Herbal Blood Tonic?
  This Tonic will help improve your circulation, reduce swelling, numbness,
  rebuild energy while removing Cholesterol, Sodium, Sugar, Alcohol and
  Drugs.  You may take the Herbal Blood Tonic? with the Herbal Fat Burner?,
  Herbal Revitalizer Tonic for Men? or the Herbal Revitalizer Tonic for Women?
  The Herbal Blood Tonic? will enhance the other Tonics.  

  If you are looking to cleanse your body in a hurry, start with the Doc's Detox?
  This Tonic is designed to Cleanse and Detoxify your Blood and Urinary Tract
  of Alcohol, Drugs, and other Chemicals in a hurry!

  Can I take the Tonics while I'm on Prescription Medication?
  Yes, you can. As a matter of fact, the Herbal Blood Tonic? and/or Doc's
  Detox? will cleanse out the accumulated waste and toxins left in your body
  from the Medication. This will happen without clashing with your medication.

   Can I mix the Tonics?
   Yes. You can easily take two or three different Tonics at the same time.
   Each Tonic will enhance the other!

  Why are the Tonics "Bitter Tasting"?
  The Bitter Principles in Herbs are far more effective & quicker to assist our
  bodies in cleansing the Blood, Urinary Tract and Glandular System.  When you
  add Sweeteners you loose about 60% of the strength. Your taste buds will adjust
  to these wonderful Herbal Tonics within the week.  Just keep taking them and  
  remember  - "Bitter But Better". 

  Can I take too much?
  No. Because the Herbal Tonics are All Natural and Organic, they assimilate
  directly into your Blood Stream. Your body will use what it needs, store what it
  can and flush out any excess from your body.

  Is Doc's Detox? for Drug and Alcohol removal only?
  No. Although Doc's Detox? is great for detoxifying your system and quickly
  removing Drugs and Alcohol, it is also tremendous for helping your body
  remove Heavy Metals (Leads and Mercury), Air Pollutants, Steroids and harsh
  Prescription drugs from your body.

  How does the Herbal Fat Burner? work?
  We would like to believe that all we have to do is take a pill or drink a liquid and
  "Presto" fat and weight magically disappears.  Well wake up and see the FAT.
  In order to lose Fat, we must change our Lifestyle. Diet, Exercise, Water &
  Smaller Meals must be incorporated.  Our Herbal Fat Burner? is great for
  assisting your lifestyle change. The Herbal Fat Burner? will help soften and
  remove old, hard waste, which creates blockage in your body. Combine the
  Herbal Fat Burner? with the Herbal Blood Tonic? and you will  speed up this
  process. Make the changes today!

  How much water should I drink each day as I take my Tonic(s)?
  8-10 8-oz glasses of water per day is a great start.  Even if you are not on the
  Tonics, it is important to hydrate your system.  Too often, lack of water can
  cause major breakdowns to your system.  

  How does the Herbal Revitalizer Tonic for Men? work?
  Great! The Herbal Revitalizer Tonic for Men? is designed to Tone and strengthen
  your weaken, worn down and often times abused Prostate and Sexual Organs.
  This tonic will increase Blood to and throughout your Reproductive System, which
  is essential. It will also remove blockages and inflammation in your prostate. Our
  Male Tonic is excellent for preventing and correcting Male Impotency. Men and
  Women both love the results.

   Is the Herbal Revitalizer Tonic for Women? good for Menopausal or
  Menstrual Cycles problems?
  Both. The Herbal Revitalizer Tonic for Women? is designed to help create
  a Chemical and Hormonal balance in your system.  This tonic will increase 
  your circulation and re-nourish the female reproductive system. It will also
  reduce Cramps, Clotting, Irregular and Painful Cycles as well as reduce and
  control hot flashes and in many cases eliminate them!

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