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Forearm Forklift , furniture lifting straps, furniture straps, moving straps, appliance straps, hump straps, piano straps, shoulder straps, home delivery team straps, moving team straps, furniture carrier, lifting straps, dock equipment, van equipment, material handling

Forearm Forklift lifting moving straps

Forearm Forklift , furniture lifting straps, appliance straps, hump straps, piano straps, shoulder straps, home delivery team straps, moving team straps, furniture straps, moving straps, furniture carrier, lifting straps, van equipment, material handling

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The Forearm Forklift™ was designed in 1997 by a professional mover who is still very active in the industry. After many years "on the truck" he felt compelled to invent a tool that actually eliminated the risk of floor damage. A claim that only the Forearm Forklift™ can make since the dolly and hand truck require the rolling of wheels on your sensitive floors. Coincidentally, he also designed them ergonomically to encourage proper lifting techniques and body mechanics. They are actually the first and only OSHA accepted moving tool ever to reduce potential injuries due to heavy and repetitive lifting.

Now available with 3.5 foot extension straps for moving larger items:

Optional 3½ ft. Forearm Forklift Extension™

- for moving XXL & XXXL furniture, sofas & appliances

- accessory for the Forearm Forklift Lifting Straps®

- made in the USA with super-strength webbing

- rated for supporting 700 lbs.

- attaches in seconds

- no tools required to set-up

- can also be folded to extend Forearm Forklift 1’9” as well

Up to 48 in. of adjustment according to dimensions of the object being lifted and the height of the persons using to level/balance object.
Weight Capacity Recommended: 600 lbs/Pair
(Tested at 1,800 lbs)
Material Super strength webbing, bonded thread at each joint and padding in each insert
Padding Felt for comfort in any adjusted length
Color Safety Orange
Dimensions 3 in. wide, 9 ft. 4 in. long  
Weight 1 lb./Pair  


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102 of 170 found the following review helpful:
wouldn't have been so easy w/out them

by a member from Yankton, SD on May 31, 2005

Our daughter just graduated from college so my wife and I flew out to help her move back. It took her 6 1/2 years so you can imagine how much she had accumulated. We used these on her sofa bed, mattress/box, frige, dresser and armoire. The Forklift made the difference. That day wouldn't have been so easy w/out them. How much are their shares selling for?

113 of 208 found the following review helpful:

by Louis Castillo from Gainesville, FL on Jan 18, 2005

This is the best Christmas present I've ever been given! I just wish I would've gotten it for my birthday cause that was three months ago.

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115 of 216 found the following review helpful:

by a member from El Paso, TX on Dec 31, 2004

These made moving our big screen as easy as pie and it's a big one too. When we bought it the two delivery guys wrestled it like a bear and a few grunts and groans later it was in our house. With these straps though, my friend and I did it way faster. Those delivery guys should take lessons from us now! No really, great product guys.

112 of 218 found the following review helpful:

by Wendell Brunsman from Grapevine, TX on Dec 17, 2004

I recommend these to any contractor out there. Before I paint or start a flooring job I have to move furniture and appliances around. It used to kill me, but these made it as easy as pie. Oh ya, I also use them to move around sheet rock and it even makes putting my generator on and off my truck a breeze.

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Product Specifications

Product Options:
Sizes: straps are adjustable up to 48 inches, so one size does all
Color(s): Safety orange

Product Dimensions:
Length: 112 inches
Width: 3 inches
Height: N/A inches

Package Dimensions:
Length: 9 inches
Width: 8 inches
Height: 2.25 inches
Weight: 1.2 Pounds

Shipping Carton:
Carton Length: 24 inches
Carton Width: 16 inches
Carton_Depth: 6 inches
Carton Weight: 17 Pounds
Items Per Container: 12

Other Information:
UPC Code: 811938001119
Packaging Type: Clamshell
Power Requirements: N/A
Construction: Nylon
Optional Extras: None needed
Patents: 6,039,376
Standards: N/A


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