Mobile Cremation Urn Motorcycle Urn

Mobile Cremation Urn Motorcycle Urn

Mobile Cremation Urn Motorcycle Urn Final Ride Urns are constructed to hold a generous amount of cremated remains, they may also be used to store personal items and act as a rolling memorial.

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    Final Ride Urns are constructed to hold a generous amount of cremated remains, they may also be used to store personal items and act as a rolling memorial.

Where does it mount?
From a Motorcycle to a Motorhome
From a Ferrari to a Fire Truck
From a Police Cruiser to a Cruise Ship
From an Aircraft to a Spacecraft and
pretty much everything in-between!

Sadly, cemeteries aren’t visited.
Cremated remains sit on a shelf. Scattered remains ... romantic as this may sound ... are lost forever.

Unlike a casket or a stationary cremation urn, our urns brave not only the elements, but the possibility of an auto collision as well.

Final Ride urns are handmade, in small groups, to ensure quality, uniformity and strength. Both the urn cap and the tab welded, threaded end cap are cut from solid D.O.M. Steel. A Final Ride urn, once sealed, has a crush rate of 60,000 pounds. This makes every Final Ride urn quite possibly "tougher than what you mount it to." These units are very well made, weighing-in at 4.17 pounds. 

Final Ride Products is proud to offer a selection of commemorative discs for our urns. These not only embellish the urn’s cap top, they help to celebrate the accomplishments of your lost loved one. These are offered in a variety of military, service, religious and social themes. Not all of these perfectly fitting discs are shown. Please contact us to see if we have your organization, sport or faith.

Two types of discs are offered. The discs shown in color are stamped metal with a long-lasting finish that the photos cannot accurately celebrate. These have a serious peel and stick type adhesive back. Please take note that this is the last item put on once the urn cap has been tightly sealed. This insures a straight display.

In addition to the discs shown we also offer the following, in color;

Dept Of Justice, Dept Of Defense, US Border Patrol, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Crosses: Christian, (shown). Episcopalian, Lutheran and Methodist. In addition, the Star of David. Eastern Star. B.P.O.E. (Elks), blue and white on gold. Shriners, full color on gold. Dept of Homeland Security. Fire dept discs, new Volunteer and Firefighter discs now available.

In addition to the Military discs shown, we now offer the following:

US Cavalry crossed sabers, red and white on gold. Infantry, crossed rifles, Infantry blue on gold. Artillery, Artillery red on gold. MPs, crossed gold pistols on green. US Army, 1st Infantry Div. 3d Infantry Div. 101st Airborne Div. 10th Mountain Div. US Coast Guard, crest and anchors.

Designed, patented and built by bike builder Steve Radz

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UPC Code: 721633106029


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