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Fast relief to all forms of itching including,
Insect bites, Stings, Hemorrhoids, Eczema, Dry skin, Poison ivy/oak, Feminine and male itching...

Fast Itch Relief with Auntie Itch

Auntie-Itch is a drug and herb free formula that works on all forms of itching (i.e. insect bites, hemorrhoids, dry skin etc.).All of the ingredients are food grade USP and are hypoallergenic. Auntie

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Aunti Itch - The Premier Anti Itch Cream & Soothing Ointment Auntie-Itch is a drug free anti itch cream that gives fast relief to:

* Insect bites * Stings * Hemorrhoids * Eczema * Dry skin * Poison ivy/oak * Feminine and male itching

Effective and safe for all types of skin itching, Auntie-Itch can be used on children, adults and even animals. Auntie-Itch is the anti itch of choice because it works!

It's 100% money-back guaranteed! About Auntie-Itch

Dr. Matthew Urbin, a biochemist who created Auntie-Itch, researched the cause of itching. His research led him to conclude that it is a low-grade pain where the body responds to either a bite or a nerve that has been activated.

Auntie-Itch users report significant relief from itching caused by insect bites, dry skin, external rectal and feminine/male itching. The cream is water-soluble so there is no potential for staining clothing. It is easily applied by using a circular motion over the affected area. All of the ingredients are food grade USP and are hypoallergenic.

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UPC Code: 054538286849


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