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humorous and funny inspiring creative and fun diet gift book titled Psych Yourself Skinny by Sharon Geisen Hayes

Psych Yourself Skinny by Sharon Geisen Hayes Diet Book

Psych Yourself Skinny humorous diet gift book. Lose Weight the Fun and Creative Way! By: Sharon Geisen Hayes

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For yourself and your FAT friends. Let's get SKINNY together! And if you're not FAT, this book may just keep you from getting that way.

WARNING: If you are easily offended by constructive criticism, don't read this book...Buy it and give it to another FAT friend.

A CREATIVE, FUN and BRUTALLY HONEST look at your FAT self, with a 28-day schedule of meditations, freestyle dance tips, meal ideas, daily "skinny" psych sessions, explicit visual motivators and blunt advice on how to make a BIG CHANGE, REAL FAST. This book will spark your creative psyche and help you cross that bridge from your fat self to your skinny self, even if you're not creative.

"Psych Yourself Skinny" Lose Weight the Fun & Creative way! By: Sharon Geisen Hayes

It is the perfect gift for a friend.

About the Author: Sharon Geisen Hayes is nationally recognized for her contemporary "sophisticatedly fun" oil paintings featuring abstract figures with eyes-haring faces. Hayes's driving interests include fine art, interior decorating, graphic art and creative writing.

In her role of 20+ years as a Creative Director, Hayes specializes in new-product designs and introductions, creating and designing promotions for an impressive roster of Fortune 500 clients.

Sharon is the epitome of and optimist and always has preferred life's lighter viewpoint, a trait eminently apparent in the emotions elicited by her art.

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UPC Code: 780615167305


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