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Strong Arm 5 HD Portable Drill Press

Strong Arm 5 HD, Hand held drill press,portable drill press, drill leverage tool, drill positioner, drill holder

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Strong Arm 5.1 HD

*Drill NOT Included.... 


The Strong Arm 5.1 HD is a portable drilling leverage device for use with any hand held drill.
(*Drill Not Included)

A convenient drilling solution: The Strong Arm 5.1 HD is fully adjustable to fit most drilling needs. Because it utilizes quick pins at the fulcrum and the foot attachment, adjustment is fast and convenient. Set up time is virtually zero.

The Strong Arm 5.1 HD can be adjusted to drill up or down by quickly reversing the track bar - no need for dangerous hot drill slag to get in your face and eyes. You don't even need to get under the job, let the Strong Arm 5.1 do the work.

The Strong Arm 5.1 HD easily attaches to all drills with a chuck size of 3/8" or larger.

The Strong Arm 5.1 HD is advanced engineered for durability, convenience, safety, and versatility. Aluminum construction makes it sturdy and lightweight.  Because it is powerful and convenient, the Strong Arm 5.1 equals more drills in less time. All this adds up to less operator fatigue and less risk of injury.

Its combination of power, lightweight, and convenience allows the operator to make easy work out of otherwise tough drilling situations.

Applications of the tool include:
Overhead drilling for commercial glass and commercial door installation
Overhead drilling for HVAC and fire protection system installation
Drilling of rivets on semi-truck trailers
Drilling of auto frames for installation of RV/trailer hitches, suspension work, etc.

The Strong Arm 5.1 portable deluxe portable drill press increases drilling speed by cutting your original time by 2/3 – and it is safer too. 

GloTech Inc looks at current designs and makes them even better. All of the design idea’s come directly from the field and from customer input.

So what makes this mobile press the best one on the market?

Not only is the old track flat bar replaced with a strong, square ¾” steel tube bar, but the swing arm is now stainless steel to increase the life span by 3 to 4 times longer than the old design! It also offers unsurpassed drill efficiency.

The bolted aluminum foot is now replaced with a welded zinc steel foot that grips better, for safety purposes and an ease in drilling.

The new design also has a newly enhanced drill camp cam lock which will not only control dangerous drill back lash, but will adjust the drill to fit right or left-handed users. As another plus, it will be smoother and take less time to adjust.

The effort behind the design is to focus on improving performance to help your productivity. The unique design of the Strong Arm 5.1 deluxe portable drill press mobile drill press is more convenient; by constructing it with a light weight, aluminum box body for strength and rigidity.

With its effortless 5 to 1 leverage function, this means that for every one pound of pull there are five pounds pressed at the drill bit, you can increase drill quality and effectiveness.

Want to save money? The smooth non-stop 3 1/2” of drill bit travel will cut two-thirds of your drilling time and will save you hard-earned cash.

A textured hand grip has been added for a safer hold and the drill press’s body is now sexy black ,and hard anodized.

Even with all of the excellent improvements the Standard Strong Arm 5.1 still weight is only 3 lb. and 4 oz. The Strong Arm 5 Heavy Duty has a still weight of 4 lb. and 6 oz. 

Safety advantages are important to GloTech Inc so special care was taken to help protect the operator from potential danger by creating the Strong Arm 5.1 with your safety and ease in mind.

The Strong Arm 5.1  deluxe portable drill press enables you to drill with less slag spraying you in the face and eyes, falling off your ladder, shoulder and wrist injury and it works easily without operator fatigue. The new design has great torque control so that torque injury will be almost obsolete. 

The Strong Arm 5.1 is portable with virtually zero set up time, quick adjustment, and will almost fit all drill motors so there is no need to buy a new drill.

Our Extension foot is also available so that you can use the Strong Arm 5.1 to drill up to 8’ overhead.

This is the most powerful, most versatile mobile drill press on the market and is the only drill press that can both push and pull into the drilling material.

*?Drill NOT Included.... 


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Amazingly great tool

by Billy Carmen from LA, CA on Feb 27, 2019

The Strongarm allowed me to drill into areas that would have been impossible without it. Highly recommend. Really well made and allows awesome flexibility.

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Strong Arm Heavy Duty Review

by Michael Flocks from Thousand Oaks, Ca USA on Jan 9, 2015

Purchased this tool to help with drill hundreds of holes on a custom fence I am building at my house. After drill 36 holes through 12 gage steel I new I needed a tool that would make the job easier. I received the Arm Strong 5 only 2 days after I ordered it a used it for the first time today. It made drilling the holes 10 times easier than doing it by hand. Congrats on an amazing invention! Please provided me with the address to send pics to illustrate how the tool worked for me.

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UPC Code: 804879114338


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