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K9 Control USA 'A New Breed of DOG LEASH'
Dog-Walker Glove provides safe, comfortable control of your dog for virtually hands free Dog Walking.

TrekMaster K9xDog-Walker Glove

K9ControlUSA...'DOG-WALKER GLOVE' 'Walk Your Dog The Easy Way' video demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYnP2SyCMLw

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The TrekMaster K9x Dog-Walker Glove & Leash Combination is ergonomically designed for total comfort during everyday use. Great for dog-walking on city sidewalks, parks, hiking and for Professional Agencies that handle dogs full-time on a professional basis.






The K9x is built tough with durable breathable nylons, heavy duty stitching and abrasion resistant synthetic leather.






The adjustable leash can be set between 6-ft and 10-ft in length. Leash material is of excellent quality 100% rugged Nylon. The weight and feel of the leash allows for excellent movement and responsiveness.





The Locking Quick Release mechanism built-in to the leash is located near the thumb and index finger provides easy disconnect from glove to leash and includes a standard stainless steel collar latch. The TrekMaster K9x provides the freedom away from the constant grasping and fumbling around with a conventional leash. The TrekMaster K9x provides virtual hands-free dog walking. Ideal for Training, General Dog-Walking, K9 Units, DEA, Search & Rescue.





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Sizes: Medium & L, XL - Right or Left- hand
Color(s): Dark Blue & Black

Package Dimensions:
Length: 7
Width: 4

Other Information:
UPC Code: 111111111111
Packaging Type: Hang Tag Board


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