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Note Holder & Organizer 4 Inch

Computer Note Holder & Organizer. Self- Sticking can be easilly affixed to any flat edge. Clear plastic profile allows for easy insertion

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The “ALLNOTES” 4 Inch Note Holder Strip provides a simple inexpensive answer to every day note paper organizational needs. The holder provides the user easy insertion of all kinds of paper in any position, from scrap paper to full sheets or any other paper in between.
        Holding Business Cards, Appointment Cards, Things to Do Note, Advertisements, Coupons, or any other item the user wants to display.
       Over time the holder can pay for itself by greatly eliminating the need for sticky notes, in addition notes are held more securely than stick on notes. “No More Fall Away Notes”. 
        Every day convenience for the Home, Office, Workshop, anywhere you want to display paper notes.
        This sleek looking efficient holder has finished ends is made of clear plastic so there is no loss of text on any material inserted. The holder is easily affixed to any flat surface or flat edge, by means of Self-Sticking Double-Sided Foam Tape which is attached to the length. No Tools Are Required! Simply slide a note into the length at any point to firmly and neatly hold paper. Getting more organized and improving your memory is simple, quick and easy.

Computer Note Holder & Organizer. Self- Sticking can be easilly affixed to any flat edge. Clear plastic profile allows for the easy insertion of full sheets or any scrap of paper.

This asy slip in isertion provides secure "No Fall Away Hold" on any note paper or card. Clear plastic face allows for no loss of text, note "Virtually floats" in front of user. Clears your desk your mind and improves your memory.

Packaged 2 lengths per kit and available in 4 "

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UPC Code: 186283000507


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