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Lick Granuloma Strips - New pet product that prevents licking and chewing of lick granulomas, hot spots, and surgical wounds.

Anti-Lick Strips - Lick Dermatitis Strips

Product #: Anti-Lick Strips Large
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Nurtured Pets Anti-Lick Strips effectively deter licking or chewing behaviors in pets, protect hot spot areas, contain all natural active ingredients, and are clinically proven!

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Lick Dermatitis Strips
Nurtured Pets

Nurtured Pets now provides pet owners with a uniquely effective solution to deter licking and biting of hot spots and lick granulomas. Our Anti-Lick Strip is a great alternative to the deterrent sprays or the bulky E-collar (Elizabethean Collar). The Anti-Lick Strip is clinically proven to stop your pet from licking and/or biting.

Choose From Sizes:
Small 11 to 20 LBS
Medium 21 to 50 LBS
Large 51 to 80 LBS


  • Deters licking or chewing behavior
  • Protects hot spot areas
  • All natural active Ingredients
  • Clinically proven

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