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Barbed Wire Hammer Ranch Hand Hammer

The Ranch Hand Tool is the worlds first multi-use hammer designed for stretching, pulling and tieing barbed wire and fencing wire. A multi-use hammer, prying tool, pinching and grabbing tool that provides a fast, safe and easy method of working with all types wire fencing.   

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-The first tool we are introducing is the original RANCH HAND.  This unique hammer-like tool only weighs 3.71 pounds and has the ALL NEW patented LEVERAGE SAFETY LOOP.  The leverage loop is located on the head of the hammer.  The removable ring that is found on the upper shaft is used to stretch wire, cord, cable etc.  The crows foot pry bar on the handle of the tool is another great source of leverage as well.

This tool was invented for ranching and fencing, but we have come to realize that it is great for any 'round the house chore.

-The ALL PURPOSE HAMMER is made out of 100% steel with a non-slip comfort grip.  This is an 18 ounce hammer.  Equipped with the ALL NEW patented LEVERAGE SAFETY LOOP, this tool pulls large nails and screws out with ease!  Great for household needs, carpenters and roofers.  You can clip it on your belt loop for easy carrying.

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UPC Code: 721633111375


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