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DOT Marks the Spot Universal Marking System and Picture Hanging Kit

Introducing DOT Marks the Spot, a Universal Marking System for assisting with the hanging of pictures, TV mounts, mirrors, decorative shelves, sconces, and more.DOT is a patented product that is now available via our website, and coming soon to a store near you. We look forward to helping you hang your next project EASY AS 1 2 3

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Introducing DOT Marks the Spot, a Universal Marking System for assisting with the hanging of pictures, decorative shelves, mirrors, sconces, etc. DOT is a patented product that is available via our website at www.dotmarksthespot.com. Check out our instructional video to see in detail how DOT can help you hang your next project.

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The DOT TARGET MARKER is a Universal Marking System that marks, on the wall, the exact fastener placement to easily hang your project.

  • Place the sticky DOT TARGET MARKER, target side face down, on the back of the project.
  • The center hole of marker(s) should be placed where the fastener will end up in the hanger
  • Press the project firmly to the wall to transfer the marker(s)
  • Install fastener(s) in the center of the DOT TARGET MARKER(s); remove the marker(s)
  • Hang your project







The WIRE TRACK is a unique product that assists with the hanging of pictures with a wire on the back.  It is great for groupings and oversized projects.  The Wire Track adheres to the back of the project holding the wire in place, simulating how it will be hanging on the wall.  After the DOT Target Marker has been transferred, the Wire Track acts as a guide to bring the fastener into the track to catch on the wire.

  • Remove adhesive backing sheet from back of the WIRE TRACK
  • Place wire inside the track (track shown in side view)
  • Holding the wire track away from the back of the picture, lift the wire up with the WIRE TRACK, center the track on the back of the picture, and press the adhesive to the backing of the picture.
  • Place the DOT Target Marker, sticky target side face down, on the front of the WIRE TRACK
  • Align the picture on the wall, then press to the wall and remove to transfer the DOT Target




                            ACCESSORY PIECE





The ACCESSORY PIECE is a multi-functional piece that assists the other pieces in the kit with challenging projects.  If you're trying to place the DOT Target Marker on the back of your project, and the hanger won't cooperate, the Accessory Piece can be used to hold the hanger in place (this happens sometimes with the d-ring or triangle type of hangers).

  • Place ACCESSORY PIECE on the loose hanger ring to hold it in place
  • Center the hole of the ACCESSORY PIECE where the fastener will be placed
  • Press the corners of the ACCESSORY PIECE against the backing of the frame to hold the hanger in place
  • Place DOT Target Marker on top of the ACCESSORY PIECE and continue with the hanging process as shown above


The ACCESSORY PIECE can also be used when the project has a hanger that is in a recessed area.  The ACCESSORY PIECE can be stacked one on top of the other to achieve the depth necessary to place the DOT Target Marker so it will transfer successfully.













The STICKY LEVEL is a fun and functional piece.  It has a removable adhesive on the bottom to easily stick the level where it is needed the most.  When hanging a large picture, your hands are tied up holding the weight of the frame, so the level can be placed on the glass front in center to be at eye level when aligning the frame on the wall.

Keep the STICKY LEVEL handy for all your household projects.




The remaining pieces in the kit are the fasteners. These pieces are provided to complete the hanging process.


Thank you for your interest, and Happy Hanging!

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