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Mixing Measuring Cup - Mixmetrix Master Chef

The Mixmetrix Dispenser is a Metric and Imperial Conversion Mixing and Measuring Dispenser

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The Mixmetrix Master Chef

The Mixmetrix Master Chef, is your kitchen assistant when cooking various dishes described in recipe books.

Also the Mixmetrix Master Chef, will be helpful to those who use state-of-the-art household equipment for baking bread or cooking rice. For small cafe and mini-bakery owners, the Mixmetrix Master Chef, will provide an unchanging consistency for your products' taste through an exact observance of recipes.

When creating recipes, authors of cookbooks deal with the weight of ingredient products. In practice, this causes people to use equipment for weighing, which is not always convenient. In addition, the weights do not take into account the moisture content in food products (for example, the difference in weight of sugar may be as high as one and a half times, depending on its moisture content). Another way to handle the problem is the use of measuring cups. However each person who has experienced the use of measuring cups in cooking is fully aware of the inconvenience of viewing the numbers on the scales, for which manufacturers of measuring cups haven't yet succeeded in creating a convenient presentation on the cups.

The Mixmetrix Master Chef, is a completely new type of dispenser, which helps you prepare your varying menu, measuring out in a simple and easy way the required amounts of ingredients specified in recipes.

Take the Mixmetrix Master Chef, in your hands:

The Mixmetrix Dispenser is made up of a transparent cylinder cup with a uniquely designed bottom surface, and a rotating band with a vertical pointer.

The product weight scale is located on the rotating band (from 1/2 oz to 16 oz).

On the upper part of the cylinder (below the band) is a list of products that most frequently appear in cookbooks. The products are grouped depending on their specific gravity (the weight : volume ratio)

A result line is located on the cylinder wall, and at the bottom of the cylinder is a scale indicating the filled volume of the cup  (ranging from 1/2 oz ml to 16 oz ml).

Rotate the band until the product name coincides with the recommended value of the product weight. The required level of the product amount is indicated at the crosspoint of the vertical pointer and the result line. Fill the Mixmetrix Cup with the product up to the level where the pointer crosses the result line.

Useful hints:

1. If you frequently cook your favorite dish, install the colored markers included in your supply kit at the weight values specified in your recipe for each ingredient, with each arrow pointing downwards. Rotate the band until the appropriate marker coincides with the name of each ingredient.

2. The Mixmetrix Master Chef can be used as a universal measuring cup for volume measurement. Rotate the band until the lower edge of the pointer coincides with the required value on the filled volume scale of the Cup (at the bottom). Fill the Mixmetrix Cup up to the level where the pointer crosses the result line.


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UPC Code: 721633112501


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