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Dilution of cleaning concentrates by Mixmetrix Dispenser

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Mixmetrix Dispenser: for concentrate dilution, tidying up, cleaning.

The Mixmetrix Dispenser is targeted for companies maintaining the grounds of staff offices, cafes, restaurants, industrial and residential facilities, or any professionals who use chemicals for cleaning, tidying up and washing.

Manufacturers of modern cleaning chemicals supply their products in the form of concentrates and suggest diluting the concentrated products before using, often to varying degrees that depend on the task. This fact means the staff must be trained in each qualification requirement, which is not always practically or economically reasonable.

The Mixmetrix Dispenser will help you make up these process solutions by measuring out the required amount of each concentrate.

Taking a look at the Mixmetrix Dispenser:

The Dispenser consists of a transparent cylinder cup with a uniquely designed bottom surface, and a rotating band with a vertical pointer.

The rotating band is furnished with a scale of quantitative ratio values (ranging from 1: 10 to 1:256) and a scale of percent ratio values (from 0.4%  to 10%) matching it. On the upper part of the cylinder (below the band) is a scale (ranged from ½ gal to 5 gal) which matches the amount of process solution you need. A result line is located on the cylinder wall, and at the bottom of the cylinder is a scale indicating the filled volume of the cup  (ranging from 1/3 fl.oz. to 16 fl.oz.).

The Dispenser is very easy to use:

Install on the band (the ratio scale) the color marker included in your supply kit with its arrow pointing downwards, and set it at the value recommended by the concentrate manufacturer. Rotate the band until the installed marker coincides with the volume of process solution you need. The required level of the concentrate is indicated at the crossing point of the vertical pointer and the result line. Fill the Mixmetrix Cup with the concentrate up to the level defined by the crossing point of the pointer and the result line. Dilute the measured out concentrate in the required amount of water.

Useful hints:

1. Make use of the extra colored markers by installing them on the rotating band for different ratio values when varying concentrate ratios are recommended either for various types of work or for various equipment operation modes.  Also, these color markers are helpful if you use the Mixmetrix Dispenser with various types of concentrates.

2. Use the funnel included in your supply kit to fill hard to reach reservoirs and tanks in your equipment. This funnel has a threaded opening that fits standard beverage bottles with PET threaded tops.

3. When just a small amount of concentrate is required, it is best to add water into the Mixmetrix and mix it with the cover closed, then to pour out the mixture into a container for final mixing.

4. A scale indicating the filled volume of the cylinder is located on its bottom. This scale is the same as the volume scale on a typical Dispenser. The difference is that in the Mixmetrix Dispenser this scale is horizontally arranged, and the volume can be read at the crosspoint of the concentrate level in the Mixmetrix Cup and the result line. To find the filled volume of a concentrate in the Cup rotate the band to set the pointer at the crossing point of the concentrate level and the result line. Just read the value in ml on the scale as indicated by the lower edge of the pointer.

5. If the manufacturer has specified a recommended ratio in the form of "ml per solution volume in liters", move the pointer to coincide with the specified value in ml on the lower scale of the Mixmetrix Dispenser. The recommended ratio is then indicated on the ratio scale against the value of solution volume in liters. Set the marker at this value.

6. If you have some concentrate remaining and don't want to waste it, you can easily find out the amount of water you need to mix with this concentrate remainder to meet the specified ratio. To do this, first fill the Dispenser with the remaining concentrate you have. Rotate the band until the pointer coincides with the crossing point of the result line and the concentrate level. Now the marker installed on the ratio scale indicates to you the amount of water required to make up the process solution.

Professional cleaning is available to everybody!

Application: professional cleaning of residential, industrial, or public areas. Window washing. Carpet cleaning.  Washing of equipment, transport vehicles, rolling-stocks, railway carriages..

Ultrasonic cleaning of glass, plastic materials, metal surfaces.

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UPC Code: 721633112518


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