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Speedy Sweep

The SPEEDY SWEEP is a cordless, battery operated sweeper that runs for up to 90 minutes, and can pick up anything on All floor surfaces.

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UPC Code: 721633112969
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Sweeping the floors in your place of business or home can be a hassle as well as time consuming.  Not any longer…with the Speedy Sweep, cordless battery operated sweeper.  The Speedy Sweep, cordless battery operated sweeper takes the hassle out of cleaning. Should I use a broom or a vacuum…hmm? Do I need to do some light cleaning, heavy cleaning, or do I need to sweep up a mess?
The Speedy Sweep, cordless battery operated sweeper makes cleaning less of a headache. A cordless sweeper is great for light as well as heavy cleaning.  With this type of product you will not have to worry about sweeping your floors with a broom.  With a broom you can actually leave some trash behind.
The Speedy Sweep, cordless battery operated sweeper has many benefits: it is light weight; floors can be cleaned faster; being cordless, there is no cord liability, and you do not have to worry about dragging a cord around while you clean; you do not have to drag out the big vacuum to clean small areas; dirt and debris are picked-up and not just pushed around.
Vacuum cleaners use the force of suction power through a narrow passageway to bring dirt into a bag or dust cup -- therefore only fine dust particles can be picked up without resulting in blockages. Designed to pick up what vacuum cleaners can't, the Speedy Sweep, cordless battery operated sweeper can be used on all types of floor surfaces, indoors: kitchen, bath, living room, basement, bedroom; carpet, linoleum, tile, hardwood…outdoors: concrete, asphalt, artificial surfaces (artificial carpet); wet or dry and in tight areas operating for up to 90 minutes on a single charge.
The Speedy Sweep, cordless battery operated sweeper uses a unique brush roll system to pick up dirt and debris and deposit it into a dirt tray for easy disposal. The dirt tray can easily be removed for easy cleaning; dishwasher safe.   A second brush for pet and long hair is also supplied. 
The Speedy Sweep, cordless battery operated sweeper brings a revolutionary approach to cleaning by challenging full-size vacuums and brooms, especially when it comes to life's real messes.
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UPC Code: 721633112969


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