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eMop Bucketless Floor Cleaning System

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The eMop™ is a bucketless floor cleaning system. Using micro-fiber, nanotechnology wet or dry pads,3200 sq ft of floor space can be cleaned.

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Professional cleaners have been using string mops ans wringer buckets for decades.  Although cumbersome, they are still in use today because there has not been a superior solution available to the industry.  The eMop™, from Milwaukee Dustless Brush, changes everything!  The eMop™ is perfect for the home, restaurants, or other commercial establishments.  It is ideal for general cleaning, spills, or dusting.

The eMop™ provides a fully self contained dispensing mop system, as well as a full integrated dust and sweep tool, reducing the ergonomic costs and environmental concerns associated with traditional dust mop and wringer bucket/string mop systems.  The eMop™ can be used on any type of floor surface: hardwood, concrete, tile, linoleum, marble or in any room of the home, office, or plant.

Optional EMop Pads:

Part Number: M553102
$18.48 per brush

Part Number: M553104
$19.56 per brush

 Featuring a 70/30 split of microfiber pile, the eMOP Wet Pads provide superior cutting and lifting power, improved soil retention as well as increased water absorption. Less water remains on the floor after mopping, reducing slip and fall risks. Supports infection control programs – allows you to designate specific pads for high risk areas. 18 x 6.3 inches.


Going far beyond the current gravity fed systems, the eMop™ is a fully pressurized spray mop which dispenses uncontaminated cleaning solution directly to the floor.  This lightweight, well balanced and ergonomic tool is designed from the ground up to support modern Green Cleaning programs.  With significant economic savings in reduced chemical and water usage, decreased staff time to perform floor cleaning tasks, the eMop™ delivers improved cleanliness while reducing costs and environmental impact.

When compared to other microfiber mops, the eMop™ design is technically and operationally superior in all wet mop functions: reservoir, activator, dispenser, mop handle, mop frame, and pads.

The growing awareness of the harmful effects of traditional cleaning compounds has led to the development of new cleaning products.  These new cleaning products are less harmful to the facility, cleaning personnel, and the environment.  However, outdated wringer buckets and string mops are ill-designed to capitalize on the benefits of these new chemicals.  The return on investment in purchasing green chemicals is negated by the amount of product wasted by dumping the residue water down the drain.

The eMop™ Bucketless Floor Cleaning System from Milwaukee Dustless Brush has been designed to offer a completely new option for all green floor cleaning programs.  The breakthrough features of the eMop™ support and simplify daily maintenance operations and provide operators with a professional tool that enhances the benefits of any green cleaning program.

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UPC Code: 721633112952

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