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Automatic Bicycle Brake System BudBrake

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"ABS" brake for bicycles.

BudBrake automatically balances the brakes, front and rear, regardless of which brake lever is applied, left hand, right hand or both simultaneously during speed control.

Advantage: You do not have to think about which brake lever to apply first in an emergency or panic stop situation.

In bicycling activities, speed control modulation can prevent unwanted experiences as a result from aggressive biking.

Is there a remedy? Yes, sure there is! "Automatic Modulation!" The "BudBrake Modulator!" "The One and Only!" 

As biking for many is entertainment and or an entertaining recreational activity and for many an enjoyable means of commuting and the "brakes" are the most important part for bicycle "SAFETY".

Let us make it as comfortable and safe as possible for them!

Daily, incidents occur all over the country to riders of all categories and biking skills. This confirms the need for automatic modulation of the brakes.

 Fortunately, many and most unwanted bicycle experiences can now be avoided.

Here is the How:

An ingenious automatic mechanism has now been developed that functions in unison with the existing bicycle brakes for balanced speed control and maintaining traction. The design incorporates proportional automatic modulation for balanced power transfer to front and rear brakes for improved over all speed control and stops. Consequently, the motion of forward weight transfer is drastically reduced. The modulator is truly an essential safety tool enhancing the performance of the bike in a most useful way. Without restricting the biker's agility during necessary aggressive braking, the modulator automatically provides better tire traction with the road surface under all circumstances and naturally bringing the risk of skidding and forward flip-over to a much reduced level. 

Giving the bicyclists Comfort and Feel in Control!

The devise the "Automatic Brake System Modulator" is attached to the existing bicycle brake control cables, front and rear and proportionally activates and balances the braking action during speed control to maintain wheel traction and thus eliminating skids and lock -up. Regardless of whichever brake lever is activated, Left, Right or both simultaneously the braking action is automatically properly balanced.

When hand signaling for a change of lanes or making a turn the brakes are ready to be used by either hand with automatic modulation.

Physical dimensions: Size of a candy bar (3 1/2 " by 2 1/4")- Light weight (1.8 oz.) Features: Easy installation in OEM assembly operations and as Aftermarket by IBD (independent bicycle dealers) and Mass merchandising for DIY (do it yourself).

The R&D process, Lab testing, Testing against CPSC standards for bicycle brakes and the modulation performs to all 50 US states recommendations for bicycle safe brake activation. During field testing and now used by many recreational bikers of all categories the results and comments are, the Modulator is more than an improvement, it is a vital necessary safety tool for bikers

Marketing research does not reveal any other products available in the market place as automatic fail-safe brake modulation for bicycles.

Helmets help prevent head injuries - The "BUDBRAKE" prevents Accidents causing injuries

Bike with Comfort and Feel in Control



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