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Laminate Pressure Tool Lamatec LT3000VP 4-in-1 Laminate Roller

The LT3000VP pressurizes and bonds all surface areas associated with the pressure bonding process of mica, wood veneer, vinyl flooring, etc.

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UPC Code: 837008002046
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The Lamatec LT3000VP 4-in-1 Multipurpose Laminate Pressure Tool is designed by Craftsmen for Craftsmen. Having the right tool for the right job is everything. And when it comes to applying pressure to delicate laminates, there's no tool design that offers the comfort, control, precise balancing and versatility like the New Lamatec LT3000VP. This complete unit consists of (2) pressure blades (8 in. and 5 in.), a precision blade, a pressure roller and a set of replacement pressure strips. Whether you are a professional craftsman or a beginner, the LT3000VP now enables you to quickly smooth out, pressurize and bond all surface areas (i.e. open areas, tight inaccessible areas, edges seams, corners, inlays, etc.) associated with the pressure bonding process of mica, wood veneer, vinyl flooring, vinyl base molding, wallpaper, contact paper, window tinting, vehicle decals, registration and inspection stickers, oak-tag school projects, foam board presentations, arts and crafts and any other material that requires pressure during the application process. With the LT3000VP you only need (1) tool for all applications. Saves time, saves money, greatly enhances productivity, profits and quality of workmanship.

  • Precision Heavy-Duty Surface Pressure Roller to smooth out, pressurize and bond mica, wood veneer, wall coverings, vinyl flooring, vinyl base molding, contact paper and so much more
  • All-purpose edge, seam and surface pinpoint pressure tool quickly pressurize all surface areas with pinpoint precision (i.e. open areas, tight inaccessible areas, edges, seams, corners, inlays, etc.)
  • Two revolutionary snap-in, non-cut pressure blades with dual-action nylon smoothing tips, a (5) inch blade for smaller applications and a wider (8) inch snap-in blade for a time-saving application on larger projects
  • Total control and precise balancing
  • Ultra lightweight, user friendly design
  • Made in USA - heavy-duty, durable ABS construction
  • Comfortable cushioned grip handle
  • One or two hand operation
  • Greatly enhances productivity, profits and quality of workmanship at a quicker, easier pace
  • Eliminates body strain, air-pockets, production damage and the need to improvise with unsuitable objects
  • Extra set of replacement strips

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UPC Code: 837008002046


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