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Tape-Ease Rubber Grip

Tape-Ease Rubber Grip. The Ultimate Tape Measure Assistant. Allows users to measure by themselves. Accurate. Won't scratch surfaces.

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UPC Code: 854719001120
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Tape-Ease Rubber Grip (TE-12) is a patented tool made of non-conductive material, and engineered to connect to the end hook of any standard 1" tape measure. It provides exceptional stability and strength of contact between the tape tip and the work surface. The Rubber Grip is uniquely designed to provide an ACCURATE measure, with an offset tolerance of less than 1/36 of an inch. The rubber overmold won't scratch surfaces.

The Rubber Grip gives you an extra hand when measuring everything from lumber, bullnose tile, corner bead, corrugate, stone and brick to rounded surfaces and curved stucco.

Just keep the "pull" tight and walk away! Let Tape-Ease do the holding. It stays put!

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UPC Code: 854719001120

Inventors Bio

Tape-Ease, LLC, is a partnership of 4 dedicated people, who have a vision of how a simple-to-use invention could make life easier for anyone who uses a tape measure.


It all started in a ditch in Santa Fe, New, Mexico. Michael Rafter, the inventor of the product, is a landscape architect. One day, while trying to measure a length of pipe by duct-taping his tape measure to the end of the pipe, he had an “AHA” moment. In that moment, Tape-Ease was born. In the next few years, as prototypes were made, the partners of Tape-Ease developed two products. Both products were the direct result of the need, in the field, for a way to measure surfaces and distances by oneself.


At Tape-Ease, we have a stong belief in the usefulness of both the Tape-Ease Rubber Grip, and the Tape-Ease Pipe Grip. We are committed to sharing this simple, effective tool with the world.


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