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Universal Tape Gauge

The Universal Tape Gauge is a new,patented tool for use with any tape measure that enables extremely accurate inside and outside measurement

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The Universal Tape Gauge is a new and patented tool for use with any tape measure that provides extremely accurate inside and outside measurements that can be accurate to 1/64” or better. A common method of taking an inside measurement is to bend the tape at the corner and back over itself to take an approximate measurement. The Tape Gauge eliminates this old method by use of a crosshair that is perfectly referenced at 5 inches to the rear stop, and at 1 inch to the forward stops. The tape gauge is ideal for applications such as the installation of crown moulding, baseboards, studs, fitting shelves, window frames and sills and taking area calculations. The Gauge can be calibrated to within thousandths of an inch accuracy using the adjustable rear stop.
To take an inside measurement using the Tape Gauge, extend the tape so your are in positive contact at one surface with the hook pushed in, and position the rear stop in positive contact with the other surface. Take the reading from the crosshair and ADD 5 INCHES.
To take an outside measurement, extend the tape and locate the hook over one edge and pulled out, and engage the forward stops against the opposing edge to be measured. Take the reading from the crosshair and SUBTRACT 1 INCH.
To transfer the required inside measurement to the work piece to be cut and fitted into a space, the large forward stop is beveled at 10 degrees to accept a sharp pencil line to indicate the cut line location. To do this, set the crosshair at the calculated inside measurement plus 1 inch, and mark a pencil line along the forward stop to mark the location of the cut.

To calibrate the Gauge, first set the crosshair to exactly 1 inch which corresponds to an inside measurement of 6 inches. Then use a digital caliper to check the measurement. The Universal Tape Gauge is an easy to use, precision tool that works with any standard tape measure to provide greater accuracy in all measuring applications.

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UPC Code: 627843010418


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