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Jewelry organizer LEAFY DREAM

Jewelry organizer LEAFY DREAM is an innovative and practical way to keep your accessories perfectly organized

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Jewelry Organizer LEAFY DREAM




 You don’t have to pick up a desirable jewelry item from the pile of similar stuff anymore!  This innovative LEAFY DREAM is an excellent jewelry organizer for storing and protecting all of  your earrings and keeping them easily accessible on your dresser or vanity.


The stylish earring stand has 12 branches with crafted leaves with 102 tiny holes that offer safe keeping for up to 51 pair of earrings. The uniquely shaped tree keeps your jewelry organized and ready to wear. This product combines functionality and artistic embodiment. Earring tree not only provides enough space and easy accessibility for a big jewelry collection but also serves as a beautiful decoration.

 This is an extremely convenient product as it is easily constructed without any assembly. It is made of natural and ecological materials. Jewelry organizer comes in brown or natural wood colors. Soft wooden exterior protects your vulnerable jewelry from being scratched and damaged.

 Thus LEAFY DREAM is a great alternative jewelry storage organizer to a jewelry box, metal jewelry stand or hanging  jewelry organizer.


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UPC Code: 477903141001


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