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Dog Safety LED Lighted Collar - PupLight - Black

PupLight is a lighted dog collar that keeps your dog safe on or off the leash. It provides more light than any other product on the market

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PupLight keeps your dog safe on or off the leash. It makes walking your dog at night both safe and enjoyable.

PupLight gives off more light than any lighted dog product on the market. When walking, you can easily see thirty feet ahead.  It provides 360 degree visibility.

PupLight comes with it’s own two-piece adjustable  elastic collar. It grows with the dog from puppy to full grown – no need to buy small, medium and large collars. The collar keeps the light focused forward, allows you to position the light higher or lower on the dog’s neck and is easy on easy off so the dog doesn’t need to wear the light all the time.

PupLight uses three inexpensive AAA batterries rather than expensive coin cell batterries. It is environmentally friendly because it can run on rechargeable batterries.

PupLight includes a unique fur guard which keeps fur away from the light and allows you to place the light where you want it – closer in or further away.

PupLight is so bright it chases away wild animals that come out at night and helps dogs with poor vision see better.

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UPC Code: 898343000036


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