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Q-Bond Adhesive Kit with Reinforcing Powders

Q-Bond is one of the finest products for repairing various types of breaks, cracks and other damages to a wide range of items.

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Q-Bond Ultra-Strong Adhesive Kit with Reinforcing Powders
This product belongs in every:  Shop – Toolbox - Home / Garage – Office - Commerical Vehicle - Boat / RV

Q-Bond can be used just as an adhesive for simple repairs or as a 2-part repair utilizing the unique reinforcing powders that have filling capabilities to handle cracks, holes and gaps.  The Q-Bond formula is quick-setting; repairs are rock solid in 10 seconds!
Q-Bond repairs are robust and can be grinded, filed, tapped, sanded and painted!
Q-Bond repairs are resistant to shop fluids like oil, gas and battery acid.
Q-Bond repairs are heat resistant up to 356°F / 180°C

BLACK carbon powder:
• Hard Plastic • Motorcycle Fairings
• Grills • Lugs, Clips and Tabs
• Radiators • Distributor Caps
• Bumpers • and much more!

*GREY aluminum powder:
• Metal Surfaces • Motorcycle Engines
• Aluminum • Office Equipment
• Carburetors • Petrol and Oil Resistant
• Wheel Caps

When you purchase the Q-Bond Adhesive Kit (KTI-90002), you will receive:
Two (2) Bottles Q-Bond Adhesive (3.5oz/10ml)
One (1) Bottle Black Reinforcing Powder
One (1) Bottle Grey Reinforcing Powder

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UPC Code: 769622900029


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