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Micro Vacuum Hose Attachment by VaccUFlex

Vaccuflex® attaches to vacuum hoses, enabling the use of small diameter, flexible and rigid tubing in order to vacuum unreachable areas.

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UPC Code: 859901003005
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VaccuFlex® is the ultimate vacuum attachment that has broad appeal among homemakers and craftsmen alike. Vaccuflex® is a rubber cap that attaches to vacuum hoses, enabling the use of small diameter, flexible and rigid tubing in order to vacuum areas that are otherwise unreachable.  VaccUFlex® turns any vacuum into a more versatile cleaning machine; it is a tool with a multitude of uses, such as:
Uses with upright/canister vacuums               
Auto, RV (slide outs), boat, and airplane detailing             
Refrigerator coil cleaning                                
Return air vent cleaning                                  
Dryer Vent cleaning                                         
Chandelier globe cleaning                              
Sliding window track cleaning
Louvered door cleaning
Hepa filter cleaning
Toaster crumb cleaning
Clean to the tip of shoes (kids)
Reach and vacuum overhead cobwebs/spiders    
Reach and vacuum under and around bookshelves, sofas, appliances
Retrieve objects (earrings, rings, coins) from otherwise unreachable areas  
 Additional uses for wet/dry vacuums
Unclog sink/drains
Inflate and deflate air mattresses, pool floats, balloons, etc.
Blow dust and debris from keyboards and electronics
Clean algae and debris from aquariums and filtration systems
Clean out hollow forms (woodworking)
Remove moisture from copper tubing prior to sweating
Clean out condensate lines and p-traps in air conditioning systems
Superior design offers many advantages:
·        Vaccuflex® utilizes small diameter tubing, so that you can really reach those hard-to-reach areas, such as the tiny rows in hepa filters, which cannot be reached with larger vacuum attachments. It was developed to go “where no vacuum has gone before”.
·        TheVaccuflex® kit contains two caps that fit four hose diameters. The caps are made of durable, flexible, non-corrosive thermoplastic rubber, are ribbed on the inside for a snug fit, and allow breathing which helps reduce stress on the vacuum motor.
·        The Vaccuflex® tubing slides into a female union, so whatever enters the tube will get pulled into the vacuum, not possibly clogging at the junction.
·        The Vaccuflex® kit contains 4 tube diameters, which can be attached together, and which can be cut with a scissors and shaped at the tip, so that if you have an angled surface (return-air vents) the vacuuming action is much more effective.
·        The VaccUFlex® kit also includes a 2 foot piece of 3/8" polyethylene tubing - a rigid tube for greater control and longer reach.

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UPC Code: 859901003005

Inventors Bio

When our third child was born, we found it necessary to add on to our home. Part of the new addition was an outdoor area with a chandelier that filled up with bugs and debris on a weekly basis -- and the only way to clean it was to disassemble all of its globes. The obvious solution to the problem simply would be to use a vacuum with the smallest attachment to suck out the debris.  Unfortunately, the smallest attachment was too large and not flexible enough to reach the curved sides along the bottom of the large chandelier globes. After hours of online research, and unfruitful trips to the local improvement store in search of an existing ready-made solution, we decided to create the solution ourselves. The result is VaccuFlex®. Although originally created to remove small objects from hard-to-reach areas, VaccUFlex® has a myriad of uses. Anyone who has ever struggled to detail a car, dust return-air vents, remove lint from a dryer vent, thoroughly clean refrigerator coils, clean slider window tracks,  blow dust and grime out of computer keyboards and components, or inflate (or deflate) an air mattress will appreciate the product’s versatility. It’s even used by air conditioning contractors to clear condensate lines and p-traps.


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